Acer Aspire One Reviews


Acer Aspire One Review

The Acer Aspire One is a 8.9" netbook with a starting price that is aimed to undercut nearly all the current market competitors. The base Aspire One, which includes an 8GB SSD and Linux starts at $329, which is far under anything else that has the Intel Atom processor. The big question running through everyone's minds is if this model is built like a budget computer, or if it has what it takes to go up against some models that sell for nearly double the retail price. In this review we cover all aspects of the Acer Aspire One, and let you know if this is a netbook you should consider purchasing.

Acer Aspire One Review CNet

The Acer Aspire One is easily the best of the current under-$400 Netbooks, but its meager allotment of memory and tiny battery limit its appeal.

Acer Aspire One Review StudentBuyingGuide

Although I have sounded negative in a few areas of this review, I really do like the Aspire One.  Can I recommend it as a main laptop for a student?  No, I cannot.  You really do need something that’s larger, more powerful and more durable to serve you through college.  If you’re on a tight budget, i can understand the appeal of a $349 laptop, but why not spend $50 - $100 more and get a 15.4″ screen Compaq C50Q or Celeron powered Acer laptop?  The larger screen and fuller sized keyboard is a really big deal for usability.

Acer Aspire One Review

The Linpus OS is still a strong point for Acer though and does a good job of making all your applications and games immediately accessible. It isn’t that the Xandros distro, which is the OS of the Aspire’s natural competitor the Eee PC, is bad – but Linpus Linux Lite is just presented better. It works and is a little better looking. You can’t really argue with that.

There are some issues. Shoddy speakers and a trackpad that is more hand-cramping and difficult than doing the secret ant-man handshake with every ant in a colony are the main problems, but the Aspire One does a good job of overcoming them and still offering great performance and usability. It isn’t quite perfect, but it comes damn close and is definitely the most attractive subnotebook we’ve seen since the Eee PC 701 first landed.

Acer Aspire One Review PC World

OK, so the machine isn't perfect. The important part is that Acer gets more than enough right to hit the mark for basic use. And, considering the low costs to own this li'l laptop, you could get a lot of mileage out of the Aspire One. If you have simple needs, this is your notebook.

Acer Aspire One Review PC Pro

Take the relatively curt battery life on the chin, and your £191 buys you a fantastically capable netbook. We hope that any minor wrinkles, such as Linpus' codec support, will be ironed out by the time production units are available, but for now, the Aspire one wins a well-deserved Recommended award.

Acer Aspire One Review TrustedReviews

If you want the cheapest 8.9in netbook out there with the second-best keyboard, the Acer Aspire One is currently the one to go for - though the Asus Eee PC 901 offers better value if your budget stretches further. However, if the 120GB HDD, 1GB RAM version of the One becomes available with a six-cell battery, at a price that still undercuts the Eee, Asus will have a serious battle on its hands. The future possibility to upgrade to 3G/HSDPA, if it becomes reality, is also a strong selling point, meaning the Aspire might yet become the One to rule them all.