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Bing Tang Hulu (Candied Haw in a Stick)

Bing Tang Hulu (Candied Haw in a Stick)
Bing Tang Hulu


Though it is so small candy and commonly available in Beijing, it somehow implies a simple, quiet and historical urban lifestyle of natives in Beijing. It is part of their childhood and also part of the history of Beijing City. Bintang Hulu could be a primitive but traditional candy which is made of fresh fruit, particularly wild fruit like hawthorn.

Where to try it?

Bintang Hulu is available on the hutongs and roads in Beijing, particularly in Guang'anmen and Changdian.

How to cook it?


20g Fresh hawthorn, 10kg sugar


Wash hawthorns, pick out the core.

Place hawthorns in boiled water and divide them into groups in bowls.

Cut bamboo sticks 18-20cm.

Pierce 5-7 hawthorns in one bamboo stick, about 50g.

Place sugar in wok and 3kg water.

Heat 20minutes and stir.

1/2 hit at sugar mixture 5-7 minutes.

Roll over hawthorns in sugar mixture.

Press sticks on oily board.

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