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A new adventure quest game based on greek mythology and ancient Greece - The path from reality to mythology goes through Hades.

The Game

Theseis is a new action adventure video game for PC and Xbox360. This new video game takes place in Modern day Greece, with a taste of ancient Athens, Greece and Greek Mythology. A non violent action game, that begins with the death of kostas Kalogyrou's death. The two main characters, Andronicos and Pheve, as foster siblings, begin their jourey in order to find out the cause of Kostas's death, through discovery and betrayal through the new modern Athens, exploration, through the vast depths of underground locations that represent the ancient Greece as it was, untouched and preserved, however, protected by forces and creatures, that we only read in Greek Mythology books, A story of betrayal, consipiracy, murder! Re live the Greek Mythos through new next generation action/adventure with Theseis. Andronicos Kalogirou is a man devoted to science and the war against superstition. From his office in the historic centre of Athens, he has worked diligently for more than 5 years, travelling all over ancient Greece and revealing the paranormal for what it truly is: drunken fantasies and uneducated hysteria. But his intelligible, safe little world is going to come crushing down when a call from Pheve, his adopted sister and fervent advocate of the mythic, informs him that his step-father is not only missing, but presumed dead as well. With a heavy heart, Andronicos travels to the place of his childhood, high atop the Greek mountains, to bury an empty coffin and reunite with his quarrelsome step-sister. Little does he know that each step irrevocably brings him and Pheve closer to what Destiny has in store for them. For the death of their stepfather heralds the beginning of the greatest struggle between good and evil with the prize being nothing less than the very future of this world. From the hidden network of caves beneath the Greek metropolis, crawling with the remnants of a bygone age and the treasures of the past, to long lost places of legend all over ancient Greece, Andronicos and Pheve struggle to uncover the pieces of an ancient conspiracy, kept secret through stealth and murder. But what they find could well be just the tip of the iceberg. For beneath the cover of shadows and time, a great power lay dormant, waiting for the time when it will once again come forth to the light of day, back amongst the people where it belongs. Awe and dread, humor and split-second decisions, discovery and betrayal, the mythical and the mundane, are all intertwined in this fast paced action/adventure crossing to the other side, where your only allies are the discarded rumors of ancient folklore, dubious medieval books and above all your wits!

Game Features

- A new custom graphic engine built specially to portrait the full glory of Theseis' stunning environments on the pc and xbox360. - A griping storyline that places you in a Greece full of marvel, danger and back-stage scheming, just beneath the surface of everyday life full of action and adventure. - Play with both Andronicos and Pheve as they race against men and monsters to uncover the secret of Theseis. - Frantic action and intriguing puzzles. Challenge both speed and wit in every corner of this dark fantasy world. - A vast and diverse cast of complex and evolving characters. Creatures from the dark corners of the Greek Mythos presented as never before. - Visit the little-known corners of the Greek mainland and reveal strange locales, ranging from hidden neo-classical buildings to wild mountains and the grim depths of Hades. This new game is developed by Track7 Games for pc and xbox360. Visit for more info



A man of strong convictions and cynical wit, Andronicos Kalogirou, has spent most of his adult life trying to erase the pretences of his childhood. Raised as an orphan from a man obsessed with the supernatural and the "lost glory of the past", Andronicos came to question everything around him. His search for truth and scientific evidence irrevocably led him to a collision course with his foster parent that resulted in spectacular fights and the eventual break up of all contact between the two when he abandoned the family home. Ever since, Andronicos has charted his own course, investigating rumours and strange sightings, as an independent researcher. From his small, crammed office-home in Monastiraki, he has travelled all over Greece in search for the fantastic, only to discover fraud and ignorance under every case he investigated. Bitter and disappointed, he has given up on the daydreams of his youth and taken on a new quest: to prove that there is no such thing as the supernatural.


Pheve was raised alongside Andronicos, a fellow orphan adopted by Costas Kalogirou and she too proved to be strong willed and quick-witted, but all resemblance between her and her step-brother ends here. While Andronicos was questioning everything he encountered, Pheve fully embraced this ocean of Folk-lore and Myth. She considered (and still does) that the supernatural is perhaps more real than reality itself and we only need to look at it with open eyes to realize it. When Andronicos stormed out of the family house, Pheve stayed behind and under the tuition of her parent grew up to be one of the best self-educated experts in the paranormal and classical antiquity. The disappearance of her adopted father found her travelling all over the countryside, collecting peculiar sightings and strange stories, a task which she immediately abandoned to rush back to her home.


Explorer, self-styled scholar, supernatural enthusiast and eccentric, the foster parent of Andronicos and Pheve was a mystery wrapped in an enigma till the very end. Never trusting the mainstream and with a dubious past that he never talked much about, he secluded himself to the mountain ridges of Pilio. There, among the oak and chestnut forests, he raised his two prodigies with tales of minotaurs and dryads, filling their minds with the lost glory of the past, until Andronicos rejected him and fled the family house. Biter by his son's rebellion, Costas committed himself in the education of his step-daughter and showed her many a wondrous thing during their long expeditions in the mountains. Ironically, it was one of these expeditions that led to his untimely disappearance and drew the curtain to this unfolding epic.

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Seems like my investigation about Pedelis created quite a stir and I have been contracted to explore more of these "legends". Suits me. I was wondering about what to write next, when I caught a glimpse of a TV show about the tunnels beneath Athens. Some harebrained "explorer" was claiming that he had thoroughly examined these passages and unearthed a "malicious conspiracy by the members of the Secret World Hierocracy that controls the world and uses the tunnels to move undetected under the city". Yeah. Right! I did some research and talked to a lot of people, from civil engineers to street cleaners to beat cops. During this time, I listened to a lot of wild stories about Vril, underground civilizations and shady characters entering this hidden network. Rumor has it that these passages not only run through the underbelly of the city, but also link up to the network originating from Davelis' Cave on Pedelis. Some of them are said to lead under the Parliament. I tried to substantiate these stories and begun checking these places myself. I even gathered my adventure gear and went to investigate one of the most famous of these, near the Russian church on Philelinos Street. Under the cover of night, I approached the garden of the Church, got past the small padlock and started my descent. Lighting my way with my trusted flashlight, I dwelled deep into a series of dusty, yellow-walled passageways, connected through a series of rusty metal doors, easily bypassed. As I walked deeper, I was struck by the sight of an ancient column rising from the middle of the room. The whole scene was a little bit surreal, especially since the column was waist-high and looked suspiciously like an altar. Immediately it spring to mind something I read, that in antiquity the place had something to do with the God Apollo. Could this be a real? I continued my way through another dirty, metal door and reached a large room full of square pillars, made by an assortment of large, square ceramic tiles. The place looked like a catacomb with no skeletons in, so I pressed on and found myself in a room full of ancient Greek artifacts. Marble carvings and pieces of pottery were abandoned, some on a couple of old shelves and some lining on the walls. Baffled by this discovery, I took a few pictures and continuing through the other side of the room, I reached I series of stairs which promptly brought me to the end of my journey as I found a hatch leading to the inside of the Church. I left the scene with a lot of questions in my mind and returned home. I begun researching the background of the place and that's when some light was shed into the subject. It seems like the place did have something to do with Apollo. In ancient times, near what is now the Russian Church was a school dedicated to one of his facets, Lykeio Apollo. Later, during Roman times, a public bath was built on the premise and the strange room I saw along with the columns was part of the underground installations for the creation of a sauna room. The baths were destroyed during the course of time and in the 11th century the Monastery of "Panagias Sotiros tou Lykomidou" for women is built on top of it. That explains the artifacts I found in that room. They must have been pieces of the old structures that were unearthed during construction and forgotten in the tunnels. I also searched a couple of other places that were said to be entrances to the "underground Labyrinth" but none of them proved to be one. It is my belief that the rumors about the caverns under Athens originate from the remnants of the vast aqueduct of emperor Andrian. During 120AD the roman emperor visited Athens and commissioned the construction of a great aqueduct to care for the needs of the city, along with extensive works of irrigation. The tunnels stretched for 25 km under the ground and were used almost until the middle of the 20th century. As for the various conspiracy theories about the secrecy surrounding the entrances to these passages, I have only to point out that in 1992 a couple of guys exploited them to gain access to a bank vault and withdraw 6 million euro in today's money. Keeping the entrances secret suddenly makes a lot of sense to me.