West Sussex County Council: West Sussex Transport Plan - Full Version

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West Sussex Transport Plan - Full Version

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Our new Transport Plan for West Sussex has been approved with the key aim of delivering safer, less congested and polluted roads offering better accessibility during the next decade.

There are several schemes we want to introduce in the very early stages of the 10 year plan period because of the potential they have to bring about significant benefits. These include initiatives to encourage a 'bus culture' and measures to reduce the impact of heavy lorries in towns. These are just examples of a wide range of initiatives that will support many of our existing policies covering every aspect of transport.

This Plan is designed to build on existing work such as demand responsive buses in rural areas, encouraging cycling and walking, developing safer routes to schools, and travel plans that reduce the twice daily 'school run' at peak times.

We firmly believe that we have put in place a transport planning document that will deliver real and significant improvements in terms of safety, congestion and pollution.

These pages are also available to download here.

Page created: 6 April 2006
Last reviewed: 11 June 2007