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Brent Hoyle

Age: 51 years

Job: self-employed, Bar/ Tavern owner

Family: Married to Cyndi F. Hoyle for 22 years; daughters are Heather, 21, and Jade, 20; son, Ryan, 18

Has lived in town since: 1955 I live here because ... I was born here. My ancestral generation goes back here in this Dallas area to the 1780 circa period. Dallas is more than just a place to live for me and my family. It is family.

My hometown is special because ... Dallas has a special feel to its quaintness but yet has much growth potential. People make up this town with their willingness to help one another, to listen and to laugh. I find it small enough to call the mayor by his first name as well as the men who repair the power lines when storms hit.

My favorite thing about my town ... My family feels safe and secure. They, along with others, enjoy the laid-back way of life.

If I ever left, the thing I'd miss most ... The one thing that I would miss is the security that I feel. Knowing my auto mechanic, my paint store clerk/owner, my grill owner and their staff etc. by first name with smiles and hugs and handshakes is what is so very special to me. The fact that my neighbor is the senator, the mayor, the sheriff, and the retired Duke power employee and all others with many different lives. Dallas is its people and I would miss that the most.

The future of my town is ... At this point I see Dallas with growing pains. I trust the elected officials to carry out their appointed duties to assist Dallas in its growth that is said to be coming. I am worried though about some issues concerning the young at heart, those who are looking to move to Dallas and are accustomed to a night life to meet new faces, those who are accustomed to having a space for their children likewise to socialize, that they might not choose Dallas to raise their young family. At this point, I do not feel that Dallas is addressing these issues. There are no street dances, no outdoor movies, no place for the community to come together. Dallas has a great future if the elected officials remember that a small town will only grow in the proper direction when its people have a place to laugh, sing and dance.

Fast Facts

Incorporated: 1863
Roots: Land donated by Jesse Holland for the courthouse of the new county.
Historic sites: Hoffman Hotel, which now houses the Gaston County Museum; Smyre-Pasour House, first mayor's house, built in 1850.
Other claims to fame: Home of two Gaston Colleges, the first established in 1880s as a prep school, the second in 1963 as community college.
Population: 2000 census 3,413
Tax rate: 38 cents per $100 valuation
Town Offices: 210 N. Holland St. Phone: (704) 922-3176. Fax: (704) 922-4701. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Frequently called numbers
Police: (704) 922-3116
Fire: 911
Utilities: (704) 922-3176
Town Manager, Steven Miller: (704) 922-3176
Tax Collection: (704) 922-3176
Recreation: (704) 922-6011

Town Aldermen Mayor Rick Coleman: (704) 922-4991
Mayor Pro Tem Hoyle Withers: (704) 922-3882
John L. Beaty: (704) 922-5869
Gregory W. Clemmons: (704) 922-1995
Ed Friday: (704) 922-4158
T. Scott Martin: (704) 922-0855
The Board of Aldermen meets at 6 p.m. every second Tuesday at Town Hall.

Trash Service
Trash pickup on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

All utilities may be paid at Town Hall, 210 N. Holland St., (704) 922-3176.

Post Office
3151 Dallas-High Shoals Highway, (704) 922-8438.

Dallas Branch Library
105 S. Holland St., (704) 922-3621. Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sunday, closed.