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Liege Airport s.a. (PLC), first called "SAB s.a", was founded in 1990 to develop and promote the airport and was granted a 50-year concession by the Walloon Region to develop and promote Liege Airport.


In addition to the day-to-day operation of the Airport, Liege Airport is responsible for:

  • The airport infrastructure (own investment or by the Walloon Region)

  • Marketing the area (aviation and other markets)

  • Site security (the airport fire brigade is manned by Liege Airport's staff)

  • Site maintenance (cleaning, snow clearance, maintaining buildings, runways, aircraft parks and airport roads)

  • Aircraft refuelling


Liege Airport is responsible for developing the area
concentrating mainly on two niche markets



  • Full cargo traffic

  • Passenger traffic, particularly charter and low cost flights.

Today, LIEGE AIRPORT is recognised internationally as a specialist freight airport and is in 8th place in Europe in terms of cargo-handling airports.



The shareholders in Liege Airport are:

  • S.L.F. (50%) Société Liégeoise de Financement (Liege Finance Company)

  • SOWAER (25%) Société Wallonne des Aéroports régionaux (Walloon Regional Airports Company)

  • ADPM (25%) Aéroports de Paris Management, (Paris Airports Management), a subsidiary of Paris Airports

Building 44
B-4460   Grâce-Hollogne
Tel: 32 - 04 / 234 84 11
fax : 32 - 04 / 234 84 04


On 18 March 1999, SAB signed an agreement with ADP Management, a subsidiary of Paris Airports


To enable the airports to implement the Liège development plan, reinforcing their economic, operational and commercial strengths by combining their resources, experience and contacts.




  • Definition of target traffic and common services enabling a mutually beneficial commercial policy to be developed.

  • Development studies: Liege Airport is involved in the work and studies carried out by ADP with regard to setting up a network of airport facilities in Europe and the creation of a high speed freight line between CDG and Liege Airport.