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Support from donors who value NPR is essential to NPR's long-term financial health and to the fulfillment of our mission "to create a more informed public — one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding of events, ideas, and cultures." This is particularly true, given NPR's unique funding structure.

Approximately half of NPR's annual operating revenue is contributed from the private sector, primarily from corporations and foundations. NPR receives no direct support from the federal government; typically one to two percent of our annual budget comes from grants from government agencies, for which we must apply. The remaining half of NPR's budget comes from member stations and the fees paid by stations to purchase our programming. More financial information is available in NPR's most recent financial statements, based upon annual audits.

For more information, please contact Alexis Romero at (202) 513-2097 or by mail:

NPR Foundation
635 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001

The NPR Foundation was created in 1993 to help provide the volunteer leadership and financial resources essential to ensure NPR's continued excellence in the 21st century. NPR Foundation Trustees are community leaders from across the country, all of whom are committed to building a sound future for NPR through NPR's Endowment Fund for Excellence. Trustees also support the Fund for New Initiatives, which supplies immediate funding for new activities and programs while the Endowment grows. In working to build NPR's Endowment, Foundation Trustees provide both personal financial support and help in soliciting major gifts. Contributions to the Endowment include outright gifts of cash or stock, or planned gifts.

The NPR Councils provide critical support for NPR's Endowment Fund for Excellence, and the NPR Fund for New Initiatives. NPR Councils members help broaden NPR's base of support and ensure that NPR continues to provide the highest quality news, information and entertainment to its listeners. NPR Councils membership opportunities include the Chairman's Council ($10,000), the Leadership Council ($25,000), the Executive Council ($50,000), and the Benefactor´┐Żs Council ($100,000). Benefits of contributions include unique opportunities to attend events, panel discussions, seminars and briefings on issues of the day with NPR on-air hosts and correspondents. For more information, please contact Josh Friedman at 202-513-3263.

The NPR Legacy Society helps build NPR's Endowment Fund for Excellence through the gifts of those who include NPR in their estate planning. Donors can make a valuable contribution while taking advantage of federal and state tax laws that may allow reduction of income taxes, lower gift and estate taxes, or provide income during the donor's lifetime.

Some of the possibilities include a bequest through a will or trust; naming NPR the beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement plan; a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust; and a pooled income fund.

For more information, please contact Alexis Romero at 202-513-2097.

Cash and stock gifts help NPR continue to provide quality programming to public radio stations nationwide. Many gifts are given as memorials or in honor of an individual or family.

For information about how to arrange this, please contact Alexis Romero at (202) 513-2097.

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