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Monthly Averages for
San Diego, CA

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Month Avg.
Mean Avg.
Jan 66�F 50�F 58�F 2.28 in. 88�F (1953) 29�F (1949)
Feb 66�F 52�F 59�F 2.04 in. 90�F (1995) 36�F (1949)
Mar 66�F 54�F 60�F 2.26 in. 93�F (1988) 39�F (1971)
Apr 69�F 56�F 63�F 0.75 in. 98�F (1989) 41�F (1945)
May 69�F 60�F 65�F 0.20 in. 96�F (1953) 47�F (1932)
Jun 72�F 63�F 67�F 0.09 in. 101�F (1979) 50�F (1943)
Jul 76�F 66�F 71�F 0.03 in. 100�F (1930) 55�F (1948)
Aug 78�F 67�F 73�F 0.09 in. 98�F (1955) 57�F (1944)
Sep 77�F 66�F 72�F 0.21 in. 111�F (1963) 51�F (1948)
Oct 74�F 61�F 68�F 0.44 in. 107�F (1961) 43�F (1971)
Nov 70�F 54�F 62�F 1.07 in. 97�F (1976) 38�F (1964)
Dec 66�F 49�F 58�F 1.31 in. 88�F (1963) 34�F (1987)
San Diego, CA Weather Facts
  • The average warmest month is August.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 111°F in 1963.
  • December is the average coolest month.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was 29°F in 1949.
  • January is the average wettest month.
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