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Where Are They Now: Planeswalkers

By Jess Lebow

Let's talk about planeswalkers.

Strange creatures, these folk. With just a thought they can step between worlds, cover great distances in the blink of an eye, then return before you even knew they were gone. But beyond this wondrous and unique power, they are also capable spellcasters, powerful fighters, master shapechangers, and mad-scientist inventors.

As different as grains of sand on a beach, these super-powerful beings share two things. The first is the "Spark," or that exceptional things that sets them apart from the rest of the creatures in the multiverse and makes them capable of ascending to a station just below that of a god. If you have it, then you can become a planeswalker. If you don't, then you can't. It's as simple as that.

The second is a seed of madness. Planeswalkers vary in power level and in their shades of insanity. Some are quite functional and interact with mortal beings without causing too much harm. Others, namely Urza, are like mammoths who don't know how large they really are and accidentally step on everything and squash it to a pulp.

Here's a list of some of the most prominent planeswalkers in Dominarian history and what they're up to -- or when they got the axe.

Bo Levar: Dead. He was a cigar smuggler and boat captain. When still mortal, Bo Levar ran a corsair from the continent of Terisiare to all points abroad. He was caught in the blast at the end of the Brothers' War and ascended shortly thereafter -- almost at the same time as Urza. While he was alive, he had been known to keep company with the merfolk in the Eliterates artists' colony and also with traders and pirates of Mercadia and Urborg. At the end of the invasion, he sacrificed himself to save his merfolk friends, and to this day they sing songs and recite poems about his bushy goatee and his famous, underwater-burning cigars.

Daria: Dead. Daria was Taysir's daughter. She accompanied Urza's crusaders into the depths of Phyrexia. Though she was quite powerful, she was betrayed by Tevesh Szat, and she died before they set off even the first soul bomb.

Dyfed: Dead. Dyfed was the mysterious planeswalker who allied with Yawgmoth when he betrayed the Thran people and created a disease to control the population. It was Dyfed who showed Yawgmoth new worlds, including Mercadia. She eventually facilitated Yawgmoth's move to Phyrexia by helping him create a planar gate. Yawgmoth betrayed her, though, and in an attempt to remove her planeswalker spark, the ruler of Phyrexia killed her by cutting her into little bits and taking her apart piece by piece.

Freyalise: Alive. Though she is not really a goddess, many of the elves worship her as one. She brought about the end of the long Dominarian Ice Age and participated in the assault on Phyrexia with Urza and his gang. She is currently out playing around in the multiverse, though she is known to stop by to visits the elves in Keld now and again.

Glacian: Dead. He was the genius whose inventions provided the basis of the Thran's rise to greatness. He left his mark on Dominaria by developing and creating the mana rig at Shiv, which provided the technology and the Thran metal to build such things as the fittings for the living ship Weatherlight and the Null Moon itself. Though he never ascended in traditional form, his essence was transferred into the Might- and Weak- stones, where he lived out the rest of his days. When these stones were fused into Urza's head, it was Glacian's voice constantly tormenting the already half-crazed planeswalker that drove Urza to the brink time and time again.

Guff, Commodore: Dead. Commodore Guff was the keeper of the great libraries and a fiction writer extraordinaire. Had he realized the true extent of his power, Commodore Guff could have been the most powerful being Dominia had ever seen. But instead of turning to evil, he used his powers only for good. He sacrificed himself at the end of the Phyrexian invasion in order to save the plane. He was swallowed by the great black cloud of Yawgmoth as he erased his history books and revised the ending of the world.

Karn: Alive. The metal man ascended in the climactic moment that ended the Phyrexian invasion. One of the most recent ascensions, Karn is still in his infancy as a planeswalker. He created a plane of his own, made entirely of metal, and he is out exploring the sights and still discovering how to use his new powers.

Taysir: Dead. Until his death, Taysir was the oldest, perhaps most powerful planeswalker to ever live. He perished in the bowels of Phyrexia along with his daughter.

Teferi: Alive. Teferi attended Urza's wizards' school on Tolaria. Though he is perhaps the most even-tempered and socially well-mannered (and adjusted) planeswalker the multiverse has ever seen, he had without a doubt the most painful and traumatic ascension of all. Caught in the blast when Urza's time machine experiment went haywire, Teferi was trapped in a slow-time bubble for nearly forty years. Worse, that entire time, he was on fire, living through the horror of the explosion in slow-time for four full decades. When the invasion hit, he phased a large portion of the continent Jamuraa and the land of Shiv to another time, saving them from Yawgmoth. He resides there now.

Tevash Szat: Dead. Tevash Szat was the black dragon lord. Completely evil, he betrayed several of the other planeswalkers who aided Urza during the assault on Phyrexia. Unfortunately for Szat, Urza had anticipated his deception, and he killed the dragon planeswalker by using Tevash's evil essence to fuel the soul bombs that were to be used to destroy Yawgmoth's world.

Urza: Dead. Definitely the most written about, perhaps the most loathsome, and arguably the most important planeswalker in Magic history, Urza has been many things to many people. His story is too long and involved to cover it all in summary, but if there is one thing that sets him apart from the others, it's his 4,000 year long obsession with Yawgmoth and the eventual invasion of Dominaria. For all of his madness and all the trouble he caused to mortal people, he redeemed himself at the end of the Phyrexian invasion by sacrificing himself to blast Yawgmoth and his Phyrexian plague from the world, saving those few who survived the year-long onslaught.

Weatherlight: Dead. It's planeshifting matrix gave the great living ship the power to move from one plane to the next. When Urza sacrificed himself to save Dominaria -- as was typical -- he caused a heap of collateral damage. The blast that burned the scourge from the plane also killed the living spirit of Weatherlight.

Windgrace, Lord: Alive. Lord Windgrace's favorite form was a giant, jet black panther. Since Teferi did not take part, Lord Windgrace was the most well-adjusted planeswalker among those who invaded Phyrexia. His exact whereabouts are unknown, but he was last seen in Hurloon among the minotaurs.

But not everyone of importance in Dominarian history was a planeswalker. Rumors abound about those powerful mortals who have accomplished so much that they were thought to be more than just men. Urza's brother, Mishra, and the dark lord Yawgmoth are among those.

Mishra: Dead? At the end of the Brothers' War, the Phyrexian demon Gix seduced Mishra. He offered him power, and the weak mortal man took all he could carry. Mishra did in fact travel to Phyrexia -- as did many nonplaneswalkers throughout history -- and he was given many physical, metal enhancements by the vat priests. But never did this one ascend. During the Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria, Urza descended deep into Phyrexia itself. When he neared the core, he found a creature bound to a stone, his skin being flayed from his body -- forever being tortured by the dark lord Yawgmoth. To Urza, this man looked like Mishra. Indeed, he knew only things that Mishra could have known. But instead of rescuing Mishra, Urza moved on to find Yawgmoth, so we will never know for sure if what he saw was really his brother, or a figment of his tormented imagination.

Yawgmoth: Dead? Though the dark lord wanted more than anything the power to ascend and become a godlike planeswalker, he never had the spark. But for a mortal, he accomplished feats that even some planeswalkers could not. To this day, his whereabouts are not fully known. Some say that he died when that blast of holy white mana, focused through the flying ship Weatherlight, struck him down and forced him from Dominaria. But no one can say with utter certainty whether he lived or died.

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