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Often non-native workers experience frustrations due to misunderstanding the Canadian culture, expectations, and mannerisms of their peers or supervisors. In today's multi-cultural workplace, it's vital to create cultural awareness among management and employees. Greater harmony, respect, and civility can be achieved as non-native speakers are educated about Canadian workplace culture and its expectations of them. Such understanding helps companies avoid cultural insensitivity and communication taboos, as well as utilize the strengths of employees’ cultural backgrounds. This workshop will cover the following areas:


"Celebrate Diversity"

Canada and the United States are the most culturally diverse nations on Earth. Thousands of people from virtually every nation and ethnic group are coming to our shores. We are becoming more of a “tossed salad” than a “melting pot”. Gateways consulting provides cutting-edge research, information and insights to help celebrate diversity. This seminar will aid in:

  • creating a better understanding of our communities
  • breaking down barriers and building bridges
  • building morale and respect for diverse communities

"Diversity Marketing:  Doing Business with Multi-Cultural Communities"

As the multicultural population in North America explodes, so does the market potential and multicultural workforce. Stop losing your share of the huge 3 trillion dollar multicultural market! Gateways consulting brilliantly bridges the communication gap and his insights will help to penetrate your multicultural customers and co-workers. This seminar focuses on:

  • increasing bottom line profits and establishing long term relationships
  • penetrating into the multi-cultural markets with proven strategies
  • reducing stress in dealing with multi-cultural customers/workforce
  • increasing your business’ customer base

"Workplace Diversity:  Preparing Your Workplace for Cultural Diversity"

Most companies in North America recognize that there are significant advantages to integrating workers from culturally diverse backgrounds into their workforce. However, many firms don’t understand the full importance of doing this. Diversity needs to be seen as the business plan, essential to successful products and increased sales. This is especially true in today’s global marketplace, as companies interact with different cultures and clients.

This seminar provides tips on how to get current employees to work with new employees from other cultures, as well as helping current employees recognize that immigrants from a different culture do not pose a threat by:

  • creating an environment that allows all people to maximize their contribution
  • promoting a productive culture in the organization that values diversity, trust and respect for individuals and their contributions
  • reducing stress in dealing with multi-cultural workforce or customers
  • uncovering the unwritten, unspoken rules for success in your business
  • teaching effective cross-cultural communication styles and techniques
  • discovering how to build bridges with diverse cultural communities
  • gaining new insights about the changing face of our cities

"Become a Diversity Leader"

In today's highly competitive and fast-paced business environment, leadership skills are mandatory.  All organizations need everyone to exercise their leadership skills and thrive, let alone survive. In this practical, life changing seminar, participants learn that leaders are made, not born. All great leaders are made, not born. This seminar addresses:

  • diversity leadership dynamics
  • qualities of leadership
  • tapping leadership potential
  • taking charge as a leader

"Implement Diversity Strategies"

Implementing a successful diversity strategy in the workplace is one of the most challenging and important issues that many organizations are facing currently.  It means creating an environment in the workplace that allows all employees to do their best. It entails recognizing and dealing with differences and how do we maximize it. This seminar will address:

  • key issues and realities of the North American changing workforce
  • new challenges, opportunities and an appropriate response
  • diversity principles and key considerations in different phases
  • processes for achieving a successful diversity strategy