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about friends of the earth international

Friends of the Earth International is the world's largest grassroots environmental network, uniting 77 diverse national member groups and some 5,000 local activist groups on every continent.

2007 annual report


With over 2 million members and supporters around the world, we campaign on today's most urgent environmental and social issues.

We challenge the current model of economic and corporate globalization , and promote solutions that will help to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies.

  swaziland group photo
Representatives of the Friends of the Earth International network, meeting in Swaziland (November 2007)

Our decentralized and democratic structure allows all member groups to participate in decision-making. We strive for gender equity in all of our campaigns and structures.

Our international positions are informed and strengthened by our work with communities, and our alliances with indigenous peoples, farmers' movements, trade unions, human rights groups and others.

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