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JULY 2006


from Stephanie

Q: Hi Johnny!  I just saw you at the Champions on Ice show in New were great! It looks like you would have such a good time doing shows like these. What do you do on the day of a performance and on the days between performances on the road? Do you go home or stay in hotels and hang out with the cast?

A: We usually travel by bus to the arenas and have practice and lunch/dinner and then do the show. It's great to be with everyone all day and be able to relax a bit before the shows. On days off we usually make plans with each other or do our own things. I have been skating a lot on the days off to try and prepare my new programs and get in shape for the season. Aside from that we'll all go to dinner together or go shopping or do something. The great thing about the people on tour is that we all go through the same things. My personal life is kind of falling apart because I'm always on the road, and it happens to everyone so it's a comfort to have support from my friends here. I actually haven't seen my family since early June let alone the majority of my friends. It's difficult to be away, but it's my work and I have to do my best no mater how much life sucks away from the tour.


from Mary

Q: Hi Johnny, how are you getting along with Rudy Galindo on the tour? After his alleged attack on you during the Olympics, how do you manage on tour? Have you discussed it and worked things out?

A:  Rudy and I get along great now. Things were a little awkward at the beginning of Tour but we talked and have hung out a lot and it's in the past. He comes out every night to watch me skate and support me and that means a lot to me. We have bonded really well and we play off one another and our relationship is great. We've even started doing throw double axel in the finale of the show just for fun. Things are worked out.


from Katya

Q: Hi Johnny! Have you seen the Cheburashka cartoon? How did it happen that you started collecting Cheburashkas? By the way, white Cheburashkas are not the real Cheburashkas :) They look...very strange.

A: I have seen the cartoon. I started collecting them because I was given one at Worlds in Moscow and then more and more, and I think they're so cute. Of course I know white Cheburashkas aren't the real ones! Some of the other skaters have started calling me Cheburashka and recently in Japan I got so many Cheburashkas I don't know where they will all live. It's a good collectible!


from Ashley

Q: Ciao Johnny! I think you're a great skater and I can't wait to watch you next season, good luck! What songs would be included in the soundtrack to your life?

A: There are so many. 'Fighter', 'Beautiful', 'My Prerogative', 'Imagine', 'At Last', 'Dirrty', 'Chasing Cars', 'Like It Or Not', 'Sorry', there are too many to list.


from Ruta

Q: Hey, Johnny! From the moment I saw you skate at nationals and found out about your personality, you became my role model! Just want to say thanks for being an inspiration. I also saw you performing with COI in Providence and would like to ask you, who do you spend the most time with on COI, meaning who do you connect with most on the tour?

A:  So far I have spent the most time with Irina Slutskaya, Marina Anissina, Tatyana Totmyanina, and Rudy Galindo. I connect really well with all of them.


from Meredith

Q: Hey Johnny!! I just wanted to say that I really admire how you approach skating, other people, and life. It's a very healthy way to live and I respect how well you handle and enjoy it!! It's definitely a talent that not many people can achieve. Now for my question....I'm going to COI this August in San Francisco, and was wondering about a fashion question. How do you feel about the yellow outfit that you wear in the opening (i've seen some pics) and the white at the end? Did you chose them?

A: I am not the biggest fan of the costumes this year. The white one looks nice in pictures but it's really uncomfortable and has a lot of pieces to it. I hate the yellow.


from Eun (from Korea)

Q: Hi!! Johnny!! I feel most of the press and media are more interested in your off-ice image than your original skating ability. Especially they focus on your shopping habit or fashion style. And sometimes I find some articles are very critical about it. Do you agree what they're saying or describing about you? Do you like their image making?

A: I can't control anyone or anyone's opinion of me. I do think my off ice persona is more picked on or popular or something than what I do on the ice, but that's just the way it is. I skate hard and train hard and I'd rather have people picking apart my life than my skating. It's kind of nice that people can't find as many things wrong with my skating as they can find in me.


from judi

Q: You said many times you won't be friends with anyone who is a competitor. Are there any skaters who you feel you can be very close friends with once they (or you) retire and you are no longer competitors?

A: Of course there are people who I like and people I enjoy who I also compete against. I think Plushenko is a great guy. I am friendly with him and he helps me and gives me his opinions about things. There are several other guys but I won't say who right now. I have four more years to be a champion, there's no sense in giving people an upper hand knowing I'm a fan! HAHA I'm kidding, kind of.


from Liza & Masha from Russia

Q: Privet, Johnny!!  What is your the most bright line of character? And what bad habit do u want to deny from? Good luck for you!! Poka-poka!!!

A: In my character I like that I think of other people and put other people before myself. My worst habit is that I shop too much, so I'd want to quit that. I've tried a lot of things, but nothing is a habit.


from Alyssa and Ashley

Q: What's your favorite thing to shop for?

A: Cool shoes or sunglasses.


from Holly

Q: Hi Johnny, I am not sure if I should ask but trust that you will give an honest answer. When you said Michelle Kwan always wears and says the right things, did you mean she is false? As an insider, do you think she is no longer technically competitive and as everybody says should have retired long ago (since 2003)?

A: I don't think Michelle Kwan is false at all. I think she is safe. Safety is never a bad thing, of course, but I wish while she competed she had taken some more chances. I think Michelle could still compete if she wanted to. It didn't take anything Michelle can't do to win Olympics this year, she is still competitive. She's been at the top for so long that I'm sure things get hard. Michelle is an inspiration to every skater, regardless of who they are. Believe me.


from Na Hyung from Korea

Q: Hi, Johnny!  I'm from Korea (Korean Angels!) My question is.... Lately, who is your favorite junior figure skater?

A: Sasha Uspenski probably.


from ksenia

Q: First of all, Johnny, I would like to tell you that you are one of my favorite skaters, and that your outspokenness rocks. Anyway, my questions are, how long does it take for you to wear out a pair of skates? do you have any special rituals regarding your skates? and, if you could have any designer design your costume with you, who would you pick? thanks a million, and GOOD LUCK!

A: I wear out skates in about six months. The bigger jumps and harder steps make them break down faster. I don't have any rituals about my skates. My skates are made by Reidell, and they always have someone paint my name on my boots, they made my next pair with my name in Russian as a surprise. I would choose John Galliano to make a costume for me!


from Eun

Q: Hi! Johnny!! I'm just curious... I read someone's blog, and it says you and Evan are sharing hotel rooms during the tour. If it's true, do you have a good time with Evan?

A: I actually room alone this year. I like to have my own space. Evan's a good guy.


from Eun

Q: Johnny!! Do you smoke?

A: I don't smoke. I have tried cigarettes before, but I do not smoke as a habit.


from Danny

Q: Hey Johnny. Love your skating, it's absolutely exquisite. Just wondering, who are your absolute favorite skaters from each discipline?

A: Irina Slutskaya, Evgeny Plushenko, Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze and Anissina/Peizerat.


from Ashley

Q: Hi Johnny, I've got a question about your outfits for Otonal and The Swan. They're so well made, and so beautiful to look at! They just seem to mould onto you. I've noticed that you usually wear "one-piece" costumes... so how do you get into them? Are there zippers? What are your plans for the next costume, and how much do they cost? Thanks for your time.

A: Thank you. There are zippers in the backs of my costumes. Usually they aren't so big so I have to squeeze into the costumes by sheer force. I worked with Rest on a costume for a show number and they did great work so I think I may try something with Rest and still use my long time designer Stephanie Handler as well.


from Gennadius

Q: Hi Johnny! How are you? How is your tour goes on? I want to see you in a new season as faster as possible! And my question...How do you concern to romanticism? Are you a romantic person? And have you done something romantic for someone?

A:  I am very romantic. I like to make my relationships as special as possible and make sure the other person is happy. Romantic gestures are a must.


from Julie

Q: Hi Johnny! What do you think of Alexei Yagudin as a skater and a person?

A: Alexei is an incredible skater and he really started so many trends in mens skating and made it interesting again. His rivalry with Plushenko was also very exciting. He is a lovely person, very strong minded and opinionated, and he is also very caring.


from Santino

Q: Hi, Johny! You're very unusual man in our respects. I want to ask you: what do you think about the love?

A: Love is the most important thing in life.


from Lizzie

Q: Hi Johnny! I was wondering, do you ever wish that you were representing another country besides the U.S.? I know we here in the U.S. are not always your biggest fans and there are a lot of people who put you down, while in other countries people love you for the same reasons some of america hates you. Do you ever think that you just want to give up for a country that seems to support you so little?

A: I am American. I was born and raised here and I have been a champion here. I have a lot of respect for my nation as well as other nations which is something I think Americans in general need to work on. I would not change my country unless I thought I was being treated unfairly here. In truth, most of the bad press I've gotten, I've set myself up for. That being said, I still feel no need to censor my thoughts and opinions to please some of the population. I live in the easiest country in the World, I am aware of all the blessings I've taken from being an American. I have been asked before why I don't just compete for Russia or something to that effect, it's because I'm American. People have a problem with my 'love of Russia and all things Russian' because in America people are small minded and are still thinking of the Cold War. I understand this. On this topic, if it is such a problem that I like Russia, why wasn't it a problem that Lambiel was dating an Italian, or that 50% or so of the Russian and Ukrainian teams train in AMERICA? Americans didn't bitch about it because it wasn't one of their own who was showing interest in another culture. All I'm saying is, I think I represent how Americans should react to other cultures whether it's bowing your head when you meet someone in Japan or downloading the hottest French pop song, you should be open to anything as an American. All those other countries helped create the nation and the people that I am so proud of afterall. I am an American, and I am proud of this.


from Eun

Q: Hi. Johnny!!  I hope you're enjoying the rest of tour! Here's my question!!  Now you have a lot of fans from America, Europe, Asia and so on. Did you find any interesting characteristics of fans from different countries?

A: The fans are all quirky and different and I love meeting them. They all give me so much support, I could never have asked for better fans. I still think it's crazy that I can call a group of people my fans. There are differences however. In Japan people are very shy but if you walk by they'll let you know they want a picture or autograph, in Russia they're very forward and will all but jump on you to get your attention, in Europe they're very cool about the whole thing, like in America. People act the way their cultures have taught them to. In any event, I love meeting everyone and spending as much time as possible with them.


from Max

Q: Hi, Johnny!  I don't know how to choose right words... I am gay. What is your opinion: Should I be ashamed of being... you know, "foo-foo"?  That's my question. :)   There are only two persons in the world we should love. They are Johnny and Weir.  Thank you for being yourself. Plushenko is nothing, our Johnny is the first!

A: Plushenko is good! Nobody should be ashamed of anything. You live your life, other people will live theirs. Being gay, being black, being jewish, being fat or thin is nothing to be ashamed of. If you're you and truthfully you, then you only have things to be proud of. Never let small minded people or people uncomfortable with themselves challenge your identity.


from Troi

Q: Hey Johnny how was it when you met kathy griffin? Is she
everything that family can hope for?

A: Kathy Griffin is so hilarious and down to Earth and lovely. I was so nervous meeting her because I know there is a lot about me to make jokes about, but she was a lady, and an incredibly funny one at that. She made me feel so comfortable and happy. She's the real deal and I am honored to have met her and worked with her.


from Farieha from Pakistan

Q: hey** ever since i became your fan i always admired your
ability to make a awesome fashion statement with your funky hair and sexy scarves and clear skin! I have always wondered if you're willing to take a major fashion risk by keeping a mustache or a goatee or both. I would love to see you look that way because no matter what Johnny you always look dashing!!!

A: It takes me so long to grow facial hair that it would be difficult. Just to be scruffy generally takes me two weeks so keeping a mustache would be hard. I also think it would make me look old and I don't want that.


from Aida

Q: Hi, Johnny! Do you watch football World Championship? What team's fan are you, except USA, of course?

A: I was rooting for Ukraine, Czech Republic and France! France almost had it!


from Mary H.

Q: Do you think figure skating is an unforgiving sport? It appears that there are so many talented athletes and performers, but so few spaces at the top. Based on your work in 2006, what are your goals for next season?

A: My goal is to win every event I enter.


from Cheryl

Q: What are you most looking forward to this season?

A: Replacing last season. I want to show a new chapter in my skating.


from Anyutka (Moscow)

Q: Hi, Johnny! Could you write about your dogs? What brood are they?   How old are they? If there is, who is your favorite one? I read in your Journal that you have five dogs! As I thought there are only two...

A: Vanya and Bon Bon are technically my dogs and they're both Chihuahuas. Vanya is brown and light brown with long hair and he weighs about four pounds. Bon Bon is black and white and weighs maybe seven pounds. Sam, Agustusz and Nikita are Jack Russell terriers. They vary in size. Sam is my brother's dog, Augustusz and Nikita are my mother's dogs. My dad is the main caregiver to the babies and he is naturally the favorite. In addition to all the dogs we also have a cat named Baby.


from Susie

Q: Hi Johnny, in honor of your birthday I went to see "The Devil Wears Prada" and enjoyed it very much. My question is, which character do you relate to and why? I hope you had a great birthday and by the way, 22 is NOT old!! ;)

A: I think I am the most like Emily. I am very set in my ways and tradition is important to me, even if it's neurotic like Emily's character. She is also deeply insecure, which isn't me all the time, but I can feel like that too. All in all, she wants to get the job done right and that's what I'm all about with my career.


from kim

Q:  Hi Johnny! You are one of my favorite skaters! My question is I have heard through the grapevine that alot of U.S. skaters are competing for another country. This is so cop out don't you think? The people in my mind are doing it because they couldn't make it in the U.S.  What's your opinion on this?? Good Luck this season :)

A: I actually have two students who have recently switched countries. Jenna Syken competes for Israel and Kati Hadford competes for Hungary. I think it's a great way to get back to your roots and also get some international experience. I don't think it's a cop out at all as long as they believe they're doing the right thing. Of course, moving to a country who is not strong politically in figure skating can be a challenge, but look at Marina Anissina. She left the most dominant country in the world of ice dance, Russia to compete for France who had very little success at the world level and she's a world and Olympic champion. That's certainly not a cop out.


from Polly

Q:  Hi Johnny, I'm looking forward to your "Jerusalem" program for next season, it sounds awesome! Can you give us any details? Is it sad and dramatic? Is it fast and powerful? What will your costume be?

A: My choreographer is making me keep mum until it's ready to talk but it is dynamic, modern but still flowing. I really enjoy it and I think people will see a more masculine, dramatic, and mature side of me. The costume is still in the works. I will say though, I think it will be simple. Try not to laugh, it's also possible there will be no rhinestones.


from Pups

Q:  Hi, Johnny. Do you really like when somebody calls you Swan?

A: It depends on the person. Evan Lysacek calls me Swan and I laugh every time. I call him Mongoose.


from Yuki from Tokyo

Q: Hi, Johnny!  I've heard American people often think about this kind of Question.  "What would you like to be remembered for?" How about you?  "What would you like to be remembered for as a figure skater?"  I'm very interested in this kind of question, because for we all Japanese people, this is unfamiliar question.

A: I would like to be remembered for determination and style.


from Grace

Q:  Happy belated 22nd birthday! (ooo, that's old :) I was wondering if you could compare yourself to Christina Aguilera's childhood in any way. I mean, she really was a "fighter." Even though everyone was so jealous of her voice, to the extent that they slashed her family car tyres, she stuck with her talent and wowed the world later in her life. :) How else does she inspire you to be a "fighter?" Thanks and good luck on your skating!

A: From what I know Christina had a much harder childhood than myself. My parents didn't have issues, we lived relatively comfortable lives and nobody was jealous of me. Everyone thought my family was crazy for following MY dreams, but I was able to prove to them all that it was worth it. I think my current situations have been more comparable to Christina's business life with the being knocked down, spit on and then rising from the ashes kind of thing.


from Jamaica

Q:  Why do you use curse words in your journal when you may have young children reading this site? I'm all for expression, but potty mouth doesn't gain a lot of respect from the under 10's.

A: You know, I got in trouble on a plane the other day for saying a curse word in front of an actual ten year old boy's mother. I asked her if her child watched television, went to school, and read magazines and books. She said yes, so I said then he already knows way more than what I just said.


from Rosy

Q:  Hey JohnNny! I was wondering, what did you do for your bday? Hope you had fun!!

A: I skated in a show, I sat on a bus for six hours and I went to dinner with my friends from the tour. Marty Collins arranged to have a huge table ready for all of us, and we had cake and wonderful dinner and wine. After dinner I went to a club and slept like a baby when I got home.


from Mona P.

Q:  Dear Johnny, just out of curiosity, what do you think about Emanuel Sandhu? Do you blame his inconsistency on his lack of training, like the commentators, or on his mental preparation for the sport, or on his troubled family history.

A: I don't mind Emanuel. I think he's one of the most talented skaters in the world in any discipline. I don't really care too much about his inconsistency. If he figures it out, he'll win everything. :) I don't know anything about family issues.


from Kathleen from Delaware

Q:  Johnny, have you ever heard of Riverdance or seen any Irish dance before? If you did, did you like it? Just wondering. p.s. What do you think of Kimmie Meissner?

A: When I was younger I wanted to skate to Lord of the Dance so bad, but I think I outgrew it a few years ago. I do like the music though. Kimmie is very talented and she's had a great season. I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for next year. I can't imagine the nerves she'll have coming into the new Olympic cycle being reigning world champion. I still can't believe she won. I remember her as the little girl with the ponytail down to her butt. That was only three years ago or so.


from Sue A.

Q:  Hi Johnny, we are all getting excited about the next season and your collaboration with Marina. On the USFS site under your bio, it says:
2006-07 Season Notes
FS Music: "Jerusalem" 
I've searched for that music and found versions by many artists including Steve Earle, Alpha Blondy, Sleep, and others. Who performs the music you will be using?

A: My music was composed specially for me by a friend of Marina's. You can't buy it anywhere.


from Kari from Japan

Q:  Hi Johnny! I joined DOI and Luncheon Party in Japan. What did you eat & buy in Japan?

A: I had amazing sushi and soba. I also took in a bit of Sapporo beer and sake. I also love Japanese sweets so I chowed down. I bought a lot in Harajuku. It isn't so expensive on Harajuku street and they have a lot of high fashion looks there for not a lot of money. I did however splurge on some things at Milkboy, Dior Homme and Barneys. I got the most amazing John Galliano coat!


from maddie

Q:  if you could do anything you wanted for a whole day and it didn't cost any money and it could be anywhere in the world what would you do and why?

A: Right now, be at home with my family. I miss them so much.


from Larisa

Q:  Hi Johnny!  Here are my questions: 1) If you could have your own fashion line, what would you call it?  2) You are very fashion-conscious, but what happens when you meet someone who may not be so "fashionable"? Do you ever find yourself judging their clothes? (If you do, do you ever feel guilty about it?)

A: I don't know what my fashion line would be called. My friends always told me it should be called 'Ripped, torn and burnt' because that's the way I like clothes as odd as that sounds. I'd think of something classier. I had a dream last night about what my shop would look like so I expect everyone reading this to come when it's opened. I don't judge peoples clothes too often, mainly because I wear dead animals. People have their own taste and style and it's not my job to judge them. Fashion is self expression, so you can be a country kid wearing overalls, a punk with some spiked necklaces or a murderer who wears fur, or so I've been told.


from Victoriya

Q:  Johnny, you've said, that you liked blinis with caviar and cream. It's very unhealthy but delicious. You are not afraid of gaining a bit, are you? Do you keep some diets to be fit?

A: I diet when I have to. Right now I'm at my summer weight, not fighting weight. When I'm in competition season I try to be very strict with myself, but I allow myself to have what I want otherwise I'll eat everything but that one thing to make up for it. Just eat what you want, but realize you've gotta work to have what you want. So for instance, you have caviar, blini and cream, the next day you'll have salad and run a lot.

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