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These trials of Japanese were held by several different countries, including the U.S., China, Britain and Australia; and in many different locations, including Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, and China. The Center's goal is to examine this massive amount of information, and provide navigation guides, as well as detailed analyses of key cases to make the documents from these fascinating cases more widely available to the public. This has been a large-scale undertaking in data management, and some of the case listings and trial synopses are available on this website.

Current Projects:

Researchers are currently working with the National Archives of Japan in Tokyo to locate and reproduce trial records of Japanese war criminals after WWII. An online database with searchable details of trials is currently being created.

The Center is collaborating with a variety of individuals and institutions in Singapore on an ambitious project focusing on the war crimes trials held there in the aftermath of WWII. This project includes documentation, an oral history of the trials, doctoral research, publication of trial records, and a conference and public exhibition. Our partners include the National University of Singapore (ProfessorsTan Tay Yeong and Kwa Chong Guan), The National Heritage Board (Professor Kevin Tan and Lily Tan), and the National Archives of Singapore.

In collaboration with the Australian National Archives and our partner center at the University of Marburg, we have digitzed all of the case files and many other documents from the Australian War Crimes Program (1945-1951). These will be available online in the near future.

In collaboration with the English National Archives (PRO) and our partner center at the University of Marburg, we are completing the digitization of all of the more than three hundred British trials involving Japanese accused of warcrimes.

The records of the several hundred Chinese trials involving Japanese defendents are still sealed in the archives of the People's Republic of China. Our ongoing acquisition program has succeeded in acquiring a substantial amount of trial records from other archival sources in Japan, Taiwan, and the United States.

Special Publications :

The Australian War Crimes Trials and Investigations (1942-51) by D.C.S. Sissons


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General Yamashita being sworn in (top) and testifying (bottom) at his trial in Manila. Photo: U.S. Army Archives, courtesy of Bob Harmon



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