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About Us (The Old Us)

Like most things, WYBC began its life as an idea. In early 1940, Yale students at the Yale Daily News saw a need to start a closed circuit radio station at Yale.

The idea turned into a project, which realized success when the station emerged later that year with the call letters WOCD (from the Yale Daily News, which was/is known as the Oldest College Daily). On-air broadcasts originated from the Daily News building on York Street and provided Yale and New Haven with programming typical of the era. In fact, during World War II, per order of the Yale College Dean, WYBC maintained a full schedule and carried regular war news and bulletins, an also conducted over-the air Morse Code classes.

The station immediately achieved success. In fact, the station expanded at such a rate that separation from the Yale Daily News proved inevitable. In 1945, WOCD broke off from the Daily News and changed her call letters to WYBC, reflecting her new found identity as the main part of the Yale Broadcasting Company, Inc.). As a part of the station change, the Yale Broadcasting Co. was incorporated in the state of Connecticut as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization serving the Yale Community, and adopted a mission to serve as a training ground for people interested in learning about radio while providing community service. This mission continues to serve as the foundation of the company to this day.

The early 1950's were highlighted by continued excellence in programming and steady station growth. A popular live concert program featuring Yale operatic and singing groups known as “Yale Sings” became a huge money-maker for WYBC when recordings of the show were compiled and released in album form. In addition, on October 15, 1958, a license approval by the F.C.C. made WYBC-AM the first collegiate station to broadcast 24 hours a day. Soon thereafter, a license for our current FM commercial frequency on 94.3 was granted, expanding WYBC’s reach beyond the Downtown New Haven area for the first time.

During the late 1960's, when tides of social and political dissent and protest struck university communities across the country, Yale Broadcasting became a gathering place for what an inner-station memo described as “members who subscribed to the values and lifestyles of the Counterculture.” Gary Trudeau went on to evoke the atmosphere of the station in many of his Doonesbury cartoon strips set at the mythical “WBBY.”

During this period, a reassessment of Yale Broadcasting's role in the Yale/New Haven community brought non-students into the station for the first time in 1968, and in the decade that followed, Yale Broadcasting became a leader in defining New Haven radio. In addition, News and Public Affairs programming flourished, providing award-winning coverage of events on and off-campus. In 1970, when leaders of the Black Panther movement went to trial in New Haven, WYBC news reporters carried a daring live broadcast from the legendary demonstrations on the Green.

By the late 1970’s, however, WYBC was faced with the prospect of re-organizing itself to meet the changing needs of the Yale and New Haven communities. Additionally, studio fires (which shut down WYBC-AM), lower advertising revenues, and declining student membership jeopardized the future of the company.  By 1992 WYBC had improved its technical facilities and hired a team of professionals to work with the student management team and serve as advisors and educators for the company.

Further, in January 1994, WYBC executed a Joint Sales Agreement with another local radio station which outsourced the sales function for WYBC-FM. This agreement ensured financial stability for the station. In addition, in 1998 WYBC purchased a local AM radio station out of bankruptcy and reintroduced it to New Haven as WYBC-AM on September 15th, 1998. In 2000, WYBC-FM refitted their transmission facilities and increased the height and power of the FM signal which resulted in an added 200,000 people to the coverage area.

Today, WYBC-FM consistently performs as one of the top two stations in the area, and enjoys tremendous success providing music, news, and public service programming to the New Haven / Hartford area. WYBC-AM has become a well known forum for it’s variety of music, news and sports programming. The two-station product serves the original station mission very well, and continues to be an excellent platform for broadcast education, marketing, and community service. We great the exciting changes in the Broadcasting Industry with open minds, and delight in the future as we strive for excellence, community service, and growth at WYBC AM and WYBC-FM.

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