Title 21--Food and Drugs



TEXT PDF73.1 Diluents in color additive mixtures for food use exempt from certification.
TEXT PDF73.30 Annatto extract.
TEXT PDF73.35 Astaxanthin.
TEXT PDF73.40 Dehydrated beets (beet powder).
TEXT PDF73.50 Ultramarine blue.
TEXT PDF73.75 Canthaxanthin.
TEXT PDF73.85 Caramel.
TEXT PDF73.90 β-Apo-8′-carotenal.
TEXT PDF73.95 β-Carotene.
TEXT PDF73.100 Cochineal extract; carmine.
TEXT PDF73.140 Toasted partially defatted cooked cottonseed flour.
TEXT PDF73.160 Ferrous gluconate.
TEXT PDF73.165 Ferrous lactate.
TEXT PDF73.169 Grape color extract.
TEXT PDF73.170 Grape skin extract (enocianina).
TEXT PDF73.185 Haematococcus algae meal.
TEXT PDF73.200 Synthetic iron oxide.
TEXT PDF73.250 Fruit juice.
TEXT PDF73.260 Vegetable juice.
TEXT PDF73.275 Dried algae meal.
TEXT PDF73.295 Tagetes (Aztec marigold) meal and extract.
TEXT PDF73.300 Carrot oil.
TEXT PDF73.315 Corn endosperm oil.
TEXT PDF73.340 Paprika.
TEXT PDF73.345 Paprika oleoresin.
TEXT PDF73.355 Phaffia yeast.
TEXT PDF73.450 Riboflavin.
TEXT PDF73.500 Saffron.
TEXT PDF73.575 Titanium dioxide.
TEXT PDF73.600 Turmeric.
TEXT PDF73.615 Turmeric oleoresin.
TEXT PDF73.1001 Diluents in color additive mixtures for drug use exempt from certification.
TEXT PDF73.1010 Alumina (dried aluminum hydroxide).
TEXT PDF73.1015 Chromium-cobalt-aluminum oxide.
TEXT PDF73.1025 Ferric ammonium citrate.
TEXT PDF73.1030 Annatto extract.
TEXT PDF73.1070 Calcium carbonate.
TEXT PDF73.1075 Canthaxanthin.
TEXT PDF73.1085 Caramel.
TEXT PDF73.1095 β-Carotene.
TEXT PDF73.1100 Cochineal extract; carmine.
TEXT PDF73.1125 Potassium sodium copper chloropyhllin (chlorophyllin-copper complex).
TEXT PDF73.1150 Dihydroxyacetone.
TEXT PDF73.1162 Bismuth oxychloride.
TEXT PDF73.1200 Synthetic iron oxide.
TEXT PDF73.1298 Ferric ammonium ferrocyanide.
TEXT PDF73.1299 Ferric ferrocyanide.
TEXT PDF73.1326 Chromium hydroxide green.
TEXT PDF73.1327 Chromium oxide greens.
TEXT PDF73.1329 Guanine.
TEXT PDF73.1375 Pyrogallol.
TEXT PDF73.1400 Pyrophyllite.
TEXT PDF73.1410 Logwood extract.
TEXT PDF73.1496 Mica.
TEXT PDF73.1550 Talc.
TEXT PDF73.1575 Titanium dioxide.
TEXT PDF73.1645 Aluminum powder.
TEXT PDF73.1646 Bronze powder.
TEXT PDF73.1647 Copper powder.
TEXT PDF73.1991 Zinc oxide.
TEXT PDF73.2030 Annatto.
TEXT PDF73.2085 Caramel.
TEXT PDF73.2087 Carmine.
TEXT PDF73.2095 β-Carotene.
TEXT PDF73.2110 Bismuth citrate.
TEXT PDF73.2120 Disodium EDTA-copper.
TEXT PDF73.2125 Potassium sodium copper chlorophyllin (chlorophyllin-copper complex).
TEXT PDF73.2150 Dihydroxyacetone.
TEXT PDF73.2162 Bismuth oxychloride.
TEXT PDF73.2180 Guaiazulene.
TEXT PDF73.2190 Henna.
TEXT PDF73.2250 Iron oxides.
TEXT PDF73.2298 Ferric ammonium ferrocyanide.
TEXT PDF73.2299 Ferric ferrocyanide.
TEXT PDF73.2326 Chromium hydroxide green.
TEXT PDF73.2327 Chromium oxide greens.
TEXT PDF73.2329 Guanine.
TEXT PDF73.2396 Lead acetate.
TEXT PDF73.2400 Pyrophyllite.
TEXT PDF73.2496 Mica.
TEXT PDF73.2500 Silver.
TEXT PDF73.2575 Titanium dioxide.
TEXT PDF73.2645 Aluminum powder.
TEXT PDF73.2646 Bronze powder.
TEXT PDF73.2647 Copper powder.
TEXT PDF73.2725 Ultramarines.
TEXT PDF73.2775 Manganese violet.
TEXT PDF73.2991 Zinc oxide.
TEXT PDF73.2995 Luminescent zinc sulfide.
TEXT PDF73.3100 1,4-Bis[(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]-9,10-anthracenedione bis(2-propenoic)ester copolymers.
TEXT PDF73.3105 1,4-Bis[(2-methyl&chyph;phenyl)&chyph;amino]-9,10-anthra&chyph;cene&chyph;dione.
TEXT PDF73.3106 1,4-Bis[4-(2-metha&chyph;cryloxy&chyph;ethyl) phenyl&chyph;amino]anthra&chyph;quinone co&chyph;poly&chyph;mers.
TEXT PDF73.3107 Carbazole violet.
TEXT PDF73.3110 Chlorophyllin-copper complex, oil soluble.
TEXT PDF73.3110a Chromium-cobalt-aluminum oxide.
TEXT PDF73.3111 Chromium oxide greens.
TEXT PDF73.3112 C.I. Vat Orange 1.
TEXT PDF73.3115 2-[[2,5-Diethoxy-4-[(4-methylphenyl)thiol]phenyl]azo]-1,3,5-benzenetriol.
TEXT PDF73.3117 16,23-Dihydrodinaphtho[2,3-a:2′,3′-i] naphth [2′,3′:6,7] indolo [2,3-c] carbazole-5,10,15,17,22,24-hexone.
TEXT PDF73.3118 N,N′-(9,10-Dihydro-9,10-dioxo-1,5-anthracenediyl) bisbenzamide.
TEXT PDF73.3119 7,16-Dichloro-6,15-dihydro-5,9,14,18-anthrazinetetrone.
TEXT PDF73.3120 16,17-Dimethoxydinaphtho [1,2,3-cd:3′,2′,1′-lm] perylene-5,10-dione.
TEXT PDF73.3121 Poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate)-dye copolymers.
TEXT PDF73.3122 4-[(2,4-dimethylphenyl)azo]-2,4-dihydro-5-methyl-2-phenyl-3H-pyrazol-3-one.
TEXT PDF73.3123 6-Ethoxy-2-(6-ethoxy-3-oxobenzo[b]thien-2(3H)-ylidene) benzo[b]thiophen-3 (2H)-one.
TEXT PDF73.3124 Phthalocyanine green.
TEXT PDF73.3125 Iron oxides.
TEXT PDF73.3126 Titanium dioxide.
TEXT PDF73.3127 Vinyl alcohol/methyl methacrylate-dye reaction products.