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Written by Tom Burdak - GOMD   
Saturday, 02 May 2009 00:00
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How often have you had your notebook on a desk only to have it slide around the surface while you are trying to work? Have you ever wished that your notebook sat a little bit higher for the comfort of typing? I know that there have been many times that I have thought about how nice it would be to have my notebook, especially my Mac Book, sit a little higher and be a little more stable on the work surface. This is especially true during the times when I am traveling and working on a laptop work surface on a plane or train. Unfortunately, not all notebooks come equipped with rubber feet to aid in these areas of ergonomics.

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The solution has arrived with the innovative product, Laptop Lifts. Laptop Lifts are a set of rubber feet that are permanently installed with adhesive backing to the bottom of your notebook. These Laptop Lifts help to provide a secure, slip resistant grip to the work surface they are on. In addition, Laptop Lifts also raise the computer up about a quarter of an inch, providing for improved cooling and ergonomics. Furthermore, Laptop Lifts also grant the user the security of knowing that should a slight accident occur and there is a spill on the desk, there will be no puddle forming under the laptop to end up damaging the hardware.



Laptop Lifts are the culmination of Chris Adams and the Laptop Lifts company’s many tries to develop the perfect solution to the problems of spills, slips, cooling and ergonomics. This product is detailed nicely on their website at After several different attempts at perfecting the design, the rubber adhesive feet known as Laptop Lifts were created.


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