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TAB = Transactional Analysis Bulletin

TAJ = Transactional Analysis Journal


Eric Berne Memorial Award in Transactional Analysis
Year Name Subject Area / Area of Contribution Title
2008 Gloria Noriega Gayol New theory Mechanisms for transmitting transgenerational scripts.
Works cited: “Codependence: A Transgenerational Script,” October 2004 Transactional Analysis Journal, and “Construcción y Validación del Instrumento de Codependencia (ICOD) para Mujeres Mexicanas [Construction and Validation of the Codependency Instrument (ICOD) for Mexican Women],” April 2002 Revista Salud Mental.
2007 Helena Hargaden and Charlotte Sills New theory Relational transactional analysis.
Chapters 4 and 5 in Hargaden, Helena, and Sills, Charlotte, Transactional Analysis - A Relational Perspective, Hove: Brunner-Routledge, 2002.
  Bernd Schmid New theory, role concept Transactional analysis and social roles
In G. Mohr & T. Steinert (Eds.), Growth and change for organizations: Transactional analysis new developments 1995-2006 (pp. 32-61). Pleasanton, CA: International Transactional Analysis Association. (Original work published 1994)
2006 Theodore B. Novey
"Measuring the Effectiveness of Transactional Analysis: An International Study.” TAJ, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 8-24, January 2002
2005 Graham Barnes The Circularity of Theory and Psychopathology with Specific Identification in the Construction of Schizophrenia, Alcoholism, and Homosexuality.
Chapters 5 and 6 of Graham's doctoral dissertation, "Psychopathology of Psychotherapy: A Cybernetic Study of Theory" (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) and "Homosexuality in the First Three Decades of Transactional Analysis: A Study of Theory in the Practice of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy," TAJ, 34, 126-155 (2004).
2004 Pearl Drego Permission Ritual Therapy
"Changing Systems through Correlations of Injunction Inventories," from P. Lapworth (Ed.), The Maastricht Papers: Selections from the 20th EATA Conference (pp. 5-19), Amersfoort, The Netherlands: European Transactional Analysis Association.
Building Family Unity through Permission Rituals: Permissions and Ego State Models, Bombay: Alfreruby Publishers.
2003 Michele Novellino Theory
"Unconscious Communication and Interpretation in Transactional Analysis," TAJ, 20, 168-172 (1990).
2002 Leonhard Schlegel Theory and His Contributions to Spreading TA in Europe
"What Is Transactional Analysis?" TAJ, 28, 269-287 (1998).

Between the years of 1998 and 2002 no Eric Berne Memorial Awards were given. At the 2000 Summer Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the EBMA Committee decided that the award was to be given "for a concept or idea," rather than for a person's body of work.

1998 Richard G. Erskine and Rebecca L. Trautmann Comparison and integration of transactional analysis with other theories and approaches
"The Process of Integrative Psychotherapy," in The Boardwalk Papers [B. B. Loria, Ed.], 1993).
"Transference and Transactions: Critique from an Intrapsychic and Integrative Perspective," TAJ, 21, 63-76 (1991).
"The Therapeutic Relationship: Integrating Motivation and Personality Theories," TAJ, 28, 132-141 (1998).
"Ego State Analysis: A Comparative View," TAJ, 11, 178-185 (1981).
"Ego Structure, Intrapsychic Function, and Defense Mechanisms: A Commentary on Eric Berne's Original Theoretical Concepts", TAJ, 18, 15-19 (1988).
"Methods of an Integrative Psychotherapy", TAJ, 26, 316-328 (1996).
"Inquiry, Attunement, and Involvement in the Psychotherapy of Dissociation," TAJ, 23, 184-190 (1993).
"Shame and Self-Righteousness: Transactional Analysis Perspectives and Clinical Interventions," TAJ, 24, 86-102 (1994).
R. G. Erskine, Theories and Methods of an Integrative Transactional Analysis: A Volume of Selected Articles (TA Press, 1997).
1998 James Allen and Barbara Allen Theory
"A New Type of Transactional Analysis and One Version of Script Work with a Constructionist Sensibility," TAJ, 27, 89-98 (1997).
"Narrative Theory, Redecision Therapy, and Postmodernism," TAJ, 25, 327-334 (1995).
"A Typology of Psychopathology and Treatment of Children and Adolescents," TAJ, 27, 256-264 (1997).
1997 Fanita English Theory Hot Potato Transmissions and Episcript
"Hot Potato Game," TAJ, 8, 77-82 (1969).
1996 Alan Jacobs Theory Transactional Analysis and Social Applications
"Autocratic Power," TAJ, 17, 59-71 (1987).
"Nationalism," TAJ, 20, 21-228 (1990); "Aspects of Survivial: Triumph over Death and Onliness," TAJ, 21, 4-11 (1991).
"Autocracy: Groups, Organizations, Nations, and Players," TAJ, 21, 199-206 (1991).
1995 Jean Illsey Clark Practice Applications Applied Transactional Analysis in Parent Education.
Self-Esteem: A Family Affair (1978), San Francisco: Harper Collins; Self-Esteem: A Family Affair Leader Guide (1981), San Francisco: Harper Collins.
Bredehoft, D. J., "An Evaluation Study of Self-Esteem: A Family Affair with High-Risk Abusive Parents." TAJ, 20, 111-117 (1990).
1995 Peg Blackstone Comparison and Integration of Transactional Analysis Theory and Practice with Other Theories and Approaches The Dynamic Child: Integration of Second-Order Structure, Object Relations, and Self Psychology
"The Dynamic Child: Integration of Second-Order Structure, Object Relations and Self Psychology ," TAJ, 23, 216-234 (1993).
1994 Vann Joines Integration of Transactional Analysis with Other Theories and Approaches Integration of Paul Ware's Theory of Personality Adaptations with Redecision Therapy, Developmental Theory, Traditional Diagnosis, and TA Theory.
"Using Redecision Therapy with Different Personality Adaptations," TAJ, 16, 152-160 (1986).
"Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Using a Transactional Analysis Framework," TAJ, 18, 185-190 (1988).
1994 John R. McNeel Practice Applications Psychotherapy with the Parent Ego State
"The Parent Interview," TAJ, 6, 61-68 (1976).
1994 Sharon R. Dashiell Practice Applications Psychotherapy with the Parent Ego State
"The Parent Resolution Process: Reprogramming Psychic Incorporations in the Parent, TAJ," 8, 289-294 (1978).

During the period 1988 through 1993, no Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Awards were presented. Qualifications for the award were broadened to include four areas of contribution: 1) Theory, 2) Research, 3) Practice applications, and 4) Comparison and/or integration of TA theory or practice with other theories or approaches. The name of the award was changed to the Eric Berne Memorial Award in Transactional Analysis and the first new awards were given in 1994.

Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award
Year Name Subject Area/Area of Contribution
1987 Carlo Moiso Ego States and Transference
"Ego States and Transference," TAJ, 15, 194-201 (1985).
1984 Pam Levin Developmental Cycles
"The Cycle of Development," TAJ, 12, 129-139 (1982).
1983 Muriel James Self-Reparenting
"Self Reparenting: Theory and Process," TAJ, 4(3), 32-39 (1974).
1982 Richard G. Erskine and Marilyn J. Zalcman Racket System and Racket Analysis
"The Racket System: A Model for Racket Analysis," TAJ, 9, 51-59 (1979).
1981 Franklin H. Ernst, Jr. The OK Corral
"The OK Corral: The Grid for Get-On-With," TAJ, 1(4), 33-42 (1971).
1980 Ken Mellor and Eric Schiff Redefining and Discounting
"Discounting," TAJ, 5, 295-302 (1975); "Redefining," TAJ, 5, 303-311 (1975).
Claude Steiner The Stroke Economy
"The Stroke Economy," TAJ, 1(3), 9-15 (1971).
1979 Stephen B. Karpman Options
"Options," TAJ, 1(1), 79-87 (1971).
1978 Fanita English Rackets and Real Feelings: The Substitution Factor
"The Substitution Factor: Rackets and Real Feelings, Part I," TAJ, 1(4), 27-32 (1971).
1977 Taibi Kahler Miniscript and Five Drivers
"The Miniscript," TAJ, 4(1), 26-42 (1974).
1976 Pat Crossman Protection
"Permission and Protection," TAB, 5(19), 152-154 (1966).
1975 Robert and Mary Goulding Redecision and Twelve Injunctions
"New Directions in Transactional Analysis: Creating an Environment for Redecision and Change," in C. J. Sager and H.S. Kaplan (Eds.), Progress in Group and Family Therapy (pp. 105-134) (1972).

"Injunctions, Decisions, and Redecisions," TAJ, 6, 41-48 (1976).
1974 Aaron Wolfe Schiff and Jacqui Lee Schiff Passivity and the Four Discounts
"Passivity, TAJ 1(1), 71-78 (1971).
1973 John M. Dusay Egograms
"Egograms and the 'Constancy Hypothesis', TAJ, 2(3), 37-41 (1972).
1972 Stephen B. Karpman Drama Triangle
"Fairy Tales and Script Drama Analysis," TAB, 7(26), 39-43 (1968).
1971 Claude Steiner Script Matrix
"Script and Counterscript," TAB, 5(18), 133-135 (1966).


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