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Species Profile: The Cape Clawless Otter    
Aonyx capensis    

        The Cape Clawless Otter lives in clan-type groups, swimming most of the time and as with most otters are very curious and playful. When attacked or frightened, they scream in loud, powerful, high-pitched voices.

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       Medium size, head through body is 725mm. to 950mm., the tail is 406mm. to 670mm., so the entire body is 1170mm. to 1625mm.

        The Cape Clawless Otter's feet look like little hands because they have no webbing (they have 5 fingers, no thumb). The three middle toes have claws.

       The hair is soft and velvety, it would feel great if you could pet it, which thankfully you can't. Its guardhair is 9mm. to 10mm. and underfur 5 mm. to 6 mm.

        The color of its fur is dark brown.

        The Cape Clawless Otter has a medium sized nose, looking at it from the front you can see it is small up and down and slightly wider than normal across, from the front it looks almost diamond shaped with the two nostrils near the bottom on the side. From the side it is a shark's tooth when it's still in the gums, with the nostrils showing on the side.

        They are primarily nocturnal and den under boulders, driftwood, ledges or in tangles of vegetation.

Distribution and Population
        The Cape Clawless Otter is found in the southern portion of Africa. It does not inhabit Egypt.

        The Cape Clawless Otter likes to eat crabs, frogs and fish, and will also enjoy octopus and lobster if given a chance.

Other Names

Also called: African Clawless Otter
Spanish: Nutria africana and Nutria de cuello blanco
French: Loutre a joues blanches
German: WeisswangenOtter and KapOtter
Italian:Lontra dalle guance bianche and Aonice capensi
Afrikaans: GrootOtter
Scientific names

paraonix congica
paraonix microdon
paraonix philippsi

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