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We're one of the world's premiere experimental media laboratories, exploring the frontiers of how networked communities transform the nature of collaboration in the digital age. We believe that shared experiences are the cultural currency of communities, and our award-winning experiments put those theories into practice for our clients, our collaborators and our audience of fans.

These trends are transforming everything they touch: advertising, entertainment, journalism and communications will never return to their 20th century simplicity. At GMD Studios, we focus on how these trends can be utilized now to produce measurable results in surprising new ways. Those techniques eventually become commonplace and intuitive: by then we'll have shifted our nimble, iterative explorations towards the next frontier.

If there's one thing we've learned since we founded GMD Studios in 1994, it's that there will always be a next frontier. We're flattered that you're interested in learning more about us and where our experiments have taken us.

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Transparency, Ethics and the Future of Brand Communications

Last week, bank CEOs were flogged for not providing enough of it. Tomorrow, U.S. automakers have a deadline to provide more of it. The government, trying to fix the problems caused by not having enough of it, is now being criticized for not providing enough of it themselves. Whereever news and criticism turns to the economic recession and corporate ethics, "transparency" is part of the conversation. Brand communicators, whether of the marketing or public relations variety, continue to focus their messages on how relevant their products are -- or worse, communicating reactively to the problems after they have already developed.... (read more)

Digital Haircut

All good things must (eventually) come to an end, even a web design that works. We really did love our "mad messy scientist" phase, which taught us the joys of embracing our odd duck nature and the benefits of playing hard-to-get as a sales technique. After more than three years, we've retired the sixth incarnation of the GMD Studios website and given ourselves a digital haircut, but it made us think about some of the other hairstyles we've had over the years (some of which pre-date even archive.org and involved frames and shoulder pads!) We had our nuclear orange minimalist... (read more)

The (Ad) Pendulum Swings Again

With the current economic climate, it isn't surprising to see some doom-and-gloom from non-traditional publishers like Gawker Media's Nick Denton or non-traditional ad networks like BlogAds' Henry Copeland (both of whom are exceptionally clever thinkers.) Rather than waiting for the government bailout train to make it to bloggers and advertisers, the prior collapse in online media spending earlier in the decade shows us that an occasional forest fire is actually good for the trees (the healthy ones, at least.) On either side of the media equation, the core essentials haven't changed: the desire to exchange attention for revenue (or vice... (read more)



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