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2006 Annual Report

4d.Progress report.
This report documents research conducted under a non-funded cooperative agreement between ARS and the Oceanic Institute in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Additional details of research can be found in the report for the in-house associated project 5320-31000-007-00D "Tropical Aquaculture: Develop Feeds for Optimum Nutrition of Cultured Shrimp and Finfish."

Our initial efforts focused on locating and constructing a suitable experimental system in which to conduct maturation experiments. An Oceanic Institute facility known as the Industry Support Module (ISM) was selected for this project. Preliminary scale drawings for maturation system layouts consisting of 13, 14, and 15 foot tanks were produced. Upon review, a preliminary budget for the construction of six 13-foot maturation tanks was developed.

To increase the potential for treatment replication, an alternative layout utilizing sixteen 1200-L Outdoor Microcosm Laboratory (OML) tanks and one 4500-L heated reservoir tank was proposed and scaled drawings were produced. A fluid flow network model was used to evaluate the proposed maturation system and a preliminary budget for the project was developed. Smaller tanks suitable for shrimp spawning were also procured and evaluated.

A 4-day experiment to determine the energy required to heat and maintain 28 degrees C (± 0.5) in three 1200-L 5’-diameter saltwater flow-thru tanks (2 L/min) was conducted. Water heating system designs were evaluated from commercial vendors. A design Request for Quote was submitted to a local engineering company for a gas heating system. After a spec/drawing review by the company’s engineer, we were advised to consider an electrical heating alternative due to component cost and control system complexity. RFQs were submitted to three companies for 14-KWH 440V 3-Phase electrical submersible heaters for use in our reservoir tank.

Light intensity was measured at surface level in three shrimp maturation tanks located in the ATP hatchery of the Oceanic Institute’s Shrimp Department. A sunrise/sunset simulation light controller was procured and installed in the ISM with capability to adjust both photoperiod and light intensity. A water filtration/sterilization system to supply the maturation tanks was designed and is partially completed.

Three days of intensive training in shrimp hatchery and maturation procedures were provided by the Kahuku Shrimp Company.

In order to demonstrate that L. vannamei can be successfully maturated in small OML tanks, work commenced on a four-tank pilot maturation system. Maturation diet components sufficient for the pilot maturation project were sourced and purchase orders released. One hundred 45-g Litopenaeus vannamei broodstock were procured from the Shrimp Department (50% males, 50% females). These shrimp are currently being held in seven tanks in the Institute’s Aquatic Feeds and Nutrition Department.


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Gonsalves, Dennis
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