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Links for 5.10.09: Mobile Phone Orchestra, full-court pressing, Oprah and KFC...

Josh Kimball wrote 4 days ago: *Orchestral: Check out the Mobile Phone Orchestra on NPR’s All Things Considered. I didn … more →

Tags: Daily Links, Links, Music, "All Things Considered", bubbles, ceos who twitter, Chicken, CNN, famous bowls

Links for 5.9.09: Live Nation loses, The National plays, Mississippi Drift... 2 comments

Josh Kimball wrote 5 days ago: *Concerts: Live Nation lost $102.7M in Q1 of this year. Attendance was down 22%. Kind of a lot of mo … more →

Tags: Daily Links, Music, Links, Concerts, YouTube, Minneapolis, Ze Frank, New Yorker, Nike

Links for 5.5.09: Bono's poetry, Dr. Pepper's recipe, Van Gogh's ear...

Josh Kimball wrote 1 week ago: *Evil: Many people hate poetry. Many people hate Bono. Everyone hates Bono’s poetry. I would d … more →

Tags: Music, Links, beards, Bono, bono's poetry, coasteering, dr pepper, Gaugin, Gauguin

Links for 5.4.09: "You're" digital self, Lebowski Minneapolis, Wu-Tang covers...

Josh Kimball wrote 1 week ago: *HOLY: Here’s a visualization (called “You’re”) of your digital self, as see … more →

Tags: Music, Links, Blue Note, digital goods, flickr, har mar mall, Har Mar Superstar, immaterialism, Lebowski Fest

UPDATE: Playing Around With Lala - Where Music Plays

chrishanaka wrote 1 week ago: This is an update to an earlier post detailing my first experiences playing around with Lala. I jus … more →

Tags: Music, Marketing/Advertising, technology, Music Industry, Music Marketing, lala, Lala Music

Ben's Big Gig: a recap on a web 2.0 focused concert

gigdoggy wrote 1 week ago: Ben Walker is a music 2.0 whiz. He has tried out and experimented with almost every social-media, we … more →

Tags: Recording/Mixing/Tech, 12 seconds, Ben Walker, ben's big gig, Big Gig, Buzz Worthy, crowdsourcing, Geek, Media Tools

Links for 4.30.09: White rappers, vinyl portraits, lanyards...

Josh Kimball wrote 2 weeks ago: *Art: Check out these portraits of musicians drawn on vinyl Daniel Edlen. Reminds me of the “d … more →

Tags: Music, Links, hip-hop, rap, Poster, Daniel Johnston, Eric Carle, swine flu, Daniel Edlen

Playing Around With Lala - Where Music Plays

chrishanaka wrote 2 weeks ago: I’m playing around with a music service called Lala. I’ve seen the name Lala more and m … more →

Tags: Music, Music Industry, crystal stilts, The Soft Pack, Surf City, Sin Fang Bous, la roux, Bombay Bicycle Club, lala

Links for 4.29.09: Epilepsy, the Swine Flu and a skeleton...

Josh Kimball wrote 2 weeks ago: *Purple: Prince had childhood epilepsy? *Jobby: I wrote a thing for the jobby job. It’s about … more →

Tags: Music, Links, twitter, Prince, paste, Wine, 8-bit, Internet Radio, musicians who twitter

Links for 4.27.09: Meat cards, vinyl and job loss

Josh Kimball wrote 2 weeks ago: *Food: Meat business cards are memorable, but spoil quickly. Like so many business relationships. Um … more →

Tags: Links, Music, Video, Vinyl, Apple, twitter, iPhone, Videogames, visualization

Links for 4.25.09: KISS burgers, Idolator, bankruptcy in coasterville...

Josh Kimball wrote 2 weeks ago: *Food: The KISS BURGER. Will it make you as sick as Gene Simmons does? [mefi] *Imagery: Fortunate Te … more →

Tags: Music, Links, Video, KISS, twitter, Gene Simmons, 2-girls-1-cup, coasters, Food

You've Got Talent - But Why Don't They Hear You?

thesuccessfulmusician wrote 2 weeks ago: Today’s the day to get excited about your Music Career! Why? Because I’m teaching you H … more →

Tags: Music Marketing, Music, Music Business, Business, technology, fans, Viral marketing, ~Musician~, Band

Links for 4.22.09: Gum art, Beer's story, owl tattoos...

Josh Kimball wrote 3 weeks ago: *Beverages: The Story of Beer. It is the greatest story ever told. EVER. Because of what it’s … more →

Tags: Music, Links, twitter, Beer, John Mayer, musicians who twitter, Maureen Dowd, rules for my unborn son, chewing gum

Links for 4.21.09: Cloudspeaker, green porn, Anvil and Absolut...

Josh Kimball wrote 3 weeks ago: *Music 2.0: I haven’t really poked around Cloudspeaker, but I’m trying to figure out if … more →

Tags: Music, Links, Local, iPhone, Documentary, New Yorker, AD, Movie, Bon Iver

Experimentation Time - Again

JeremyS wrote 3 weeks ago: At the Digital Britian Summit last week, both content owners and telco network operators complained … more →

Tags: media, Music Industry, access to music, digital britain, Digital Media, Digital Music, new music industry

Links for 4.20.09: Lego Jesus, Iron and Wine swings, Dylan on Amazon...

Josh Kimball wrote 3 weeks ago: *Literature: The Virginia Quarterly Review releases a list of the 10 most common titles of works sub … more →

Tags: Music, Links, Bob Dylan, Amazon, iron and wine, twitter, WorDs, Literature, Neko Case

Links for 4.19.09: Dylan's grandkids, fire graffiti, Spinal Tap...

Josh Kimball wrote 3 weeks ago: *Vandalism: Fire graffiti. Easily the best kind of graffiti. Except for carving your name in trees. … more →

Tags: Daily Links, Music, Links, Video, Movies, Bob Dylan, Apple, iPhone, iPod

Links for 4.17.09: Streaming Coachella, Record Store Day, a coffee printer...1 comment

Josh Kimball wrote 3 weeks ago: *Music news: MOG has gotten another overhaul, and is now your #!1 site for music news! Or something. … more →

Tags: Daily Links, Music, Links, Video, YouTube, Michel Gondry, twitter, Music video, Printer

Video: Parry Gripp's "Dog Humping on John Stamos' Leg"

Josh Kimball wrote 4 weeks ago: Parry Gripp is a brilliant artist in the relatively young medium of lobotomized YouTube videos. And … more →

Tags: YouTube, Music, Video, Song, dog, Parry Gripp, John Stamos, dog humping on john stamos' leg, humping

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