Dress-shirt tutorial and a survey

Dana, featured in the post a couple of days ago, kept her promise and wrote down (and photographed) a step-by-step tutorial on turning a men’s dress shirt into a girl’s dress.

Image: Dana

The tutorial is extremely detailed and is easy to follow even if you are just a novice seamstress.  Dana also posted several pictures of the dress - it looks adorable on a little girl.

Kathy Patalsky, from Healthy Happy Life posted a neat little survey: let her know about your favorite, least favorite, and the most scary-to-cook vegetables and she will try to incorporate them into her next recipe.   The survey takes only a second and you get to see the overall results as well. And while you are on Kathy’s blog check out her recipes, wellness tips, reviews, and other fun stuff.

Besides being a blogger, Kathy is a creator of The Lunchbox Bunch - a children book series (as well as a brand) featuring Paparazzi Peas, Exercising Eggplant, Smartly Tomato, Wordly Garlic and many many more.  The Lunchbox Bunch website is a fun, veggie place for children and grownups.

Image: Kathy Patalsky

Shirt-dress tutorial:
Kathy’s survey:


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