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News and Updates

Millennium Training Systems' Team won "The Rookie of the Year Award" at the FIRST Robotics Competition held in Decatur, GA, February 2007.

Our team which consist of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta Project Success students competed in First Robotics competition this year. The MTS team was comprised of students from 5 different high schools in the Atanta Public School System. Students ages are from 14 through 16 years old.

MTS RobotThe students have been in the Millenium Training Program since July 2005. During that time, they learned how to construct their Robots from the ground up. They also learned mathematical concepts and computer programming. Many of them stated that they had learned how to work as a team as a result of being a part of the Millennium Training Systems' programs.

The MTS team had a strong showing of support, at this event, from the other students and mentors of the local Atlanta Chapter of the "100 Black Men of Atlanta".

By winning the "Rookie of the Year Award" during the Georgia FIRST Robotics competition in February, the team qualified to advance to the FIRST Robotics World Challenge at the Georgia Dome in April 2007..

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 Millennium Training  Systems' students  making adjustment to  their Robot.
 Image provided by  Angelitek.com

 MTS students partici-  pating in the FIRST  Robotics  competition.
 Image provided by  Angelitek.com

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