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May 19, 09
A social marketplace for services that allows people with needs and service providers with skills to connect and trade locally. Jobaba not only matches the customers meeds, but also offers bidding and project management features for tracking service requests from beginning to end. (Link: Jobaba)
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May 18, 09
Merges Twitter and blogging in a unique way that lets you decide when and how your tweets are included on your blog. Recognizes your tweets based on hashtags and creates files containing formatted XML based on the type of content contained in the tweet. These files can then be automatically aggregated into a blog or other dynamic website. Download the open source script to install on your blog. (Link: TweetRemote)
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May 18, 09
Knowledge-based computing. This first version is the beginning of a long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone. You enter your question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and growing collection of data to compute the answer. (Link: WolframAlpha)
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May 16, 09
Turn your witty tweets into t-shirts, and get one dollar back for each one sold. You can opt in by joining on the web site or on Twitter, and you'll get your own product page. (Link: Twitshirt)
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May 16, 09
Hip Chicas
A gaming site aimed at Latina tweens - explore countries, download music, watch videos and more. Started by founders who wanted to provide positive role models and game play for their daughters. The "hip" stands for "Help Improve the Planet" and users explore the planet and help it at the same time by planting trees, improve habitats and more. Currently in beta; this site could be intriguing even for non-Latina tweens who want to find a game where they are expected to do more than shop. (Link: Hip Chicas)
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May 15, 09
A color scheme generator that allows you to browse and create color palettes using a 3D model. Free accounts and an $39 Adobe Plugin are available. (Link: ColoRotate)
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May 15, 09
Simplifies recipe searching by scraping food blogs and sites for recipes, and presenting the results in a clear, legible manner with information such as the number of ingredients required, and the specific ingredients needed. (Link: RecipeBridge)
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May 15, 09
CouchTycoon Ventures
Help finance a startup by buying a limited edition CouchTycoon venture poster for $100. Even though a Venture Poster is not a real company share, it finances a startup and gives its vendee rights. By submitting the unique code on each venture poster a virtual digital share (Asset Slip) will be made out to bearer. It also allows the owner to vote for the venture he thinks that should be funded and to vote at certain venture decisions. (Link: CouchTycoon Ventures)
Add a Comment - Posted by Emily Chang in BusinessFinancialLending and trading
May 14, 09
A free online international karaoke community where users can sign up, sing their hearts out, and challenge friends. Songs available are not originals, but covers sung by professional musicians. A microphone is required for recording. (Link: Karaokeparty)
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May 14, 09
Kindle Publishing for Blogs
Kindle Publishing for Blogs is a fast and easy self-publishing tool that lets you upload your blog for sale in the Kindle Store. [Beta] (Link: Kindle Publishing for Blogs)
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May 14, 09
Coupious is a mobile phone app that gives you coupons and deals for businesses around your geographic location. No need to search for offers with a browser, no need to find zip codes, no reason to memorize SMS short codes. Simply run the application on your cell phone, watch it automatically retrieve coupons via GPS, and click "Use now" to save money. (Link: Coupious)
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May 13, 09
Blackberry Twitter app filled with endless features, from search to customization, keyboard shortcuts to cool visual effects. Available for the Bold and Curve 8900, on sale for the next two weeks at $4.99. Regular price is $9.99. (Link: TweetGenius)
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May 13, 09
TiltShift Generator
TiltShift Generator is an AIR application and web service that adds cool camera effect to your picture on the fly. This app is perfect for those who are interested in photography and big fans of QuadCamera, ToyCamera, and OldCamera from Art&Mobile. (Link: TiltShift Generator)
(1) Comment(s) - Posted by Cesar Castro in iPhonePhotographyVisualization
May 12, 09
A free real-time social network platform that allows users to instantly share photos from your iPhone with friends by using a superdeluxe slideshow. Install the iPhone App, upload your photos and watch your photo stream online. Twitter settings available too. (Link: okimok)
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May 11, 09
Report bad drivers, lousy parkers, litterers and tailgaters. Or, complement cool rides, clever vanity plates, and more. Post or search by license plate, with maps, tags, and photos. Track by location, user, or individual plate. Even post reports via Twitter! (Link: Zapatag)
Add a Comment - Posted by Emily Chang in LocalReviews, Ratings, Ranking
May 09, 09
A new approach to finding good software. Tell AlternativesTo what application you want to replace and they'll give you suggestions on great alternatives. [Beta] (Link: AlternativesTo)
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May 08, 09
Flackr tracks many different News sources on Twitter and filters out the hot news for you while making the information accessible in a dashboard form. [Beta] (Link: Flackr)
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May 08, 09
A real-time stream of videos that are shared on Twitter. You can tweet the videos, the site, and check out the top trends in videos. Currently in beta; more features coming soon. (Link: Twitmatic)
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May 07, 09
A social gaming portal for the MMO community that tries to facilitate the communication between gamers playing in different online games by creating a platform where a gamer is constantly updated about his friends achievements. Users can play MMO’s, collect virtual currency and participate in the Fragegg avatar game. (Link: Fragegg)
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May 07, 09
A home for the Twitter community where anyone can post and rate their favourite tweets (posts) from Twitter. You can also share your favourite tweets with friends and followers. (Link: twittl)
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