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Franck Cammas

Born in Aix-en-Provence on 22nd December 1972
A taste of salt

A true instinct of competition

Helming a 90 foot trimaran within the American team for the America's Cup, making a name for himself from his first season in an 18 foot sports catamaran, tackling four records in one season and considerably improving on them, trying his hand on upcoming circuits such as that of the Décision 35s on Lake Geneva or that of the Extreme 40s in Europe: who'd have thought that this inhabitant of Aix, keen on mathematics, violin, piano, swimming and skiing, would make his mark in the closed circle of oceanic sailors?

Franck Cammas -  Yvan Zedda

A formidable adversary!

Transatlantics, Grands Prix, Match Racing, windward leeward courses, speed records... Whatever the format, the craft or the course, Franck Cammas is a formidable adversary! The reason for this is that since he performed his first tacks in an Optimist off the Vieux-Port in Marseilles, salt water has coursed through his veins: a victorious candidate in the Challenge Espoir at 21 years of age, 3rd in the Route du Rhum for his first transatlantic race, twenty four time winner on the Orma trimaran circuit, no race appears to intimidate him and no record seems able to escape him.

He has found a balance... on the most unsteady environment there is!

At thirty six years of age, the most widely crowned multihull sailor devotes over half his time to sailing, while the rest is devoted to other sports (skiing, swimming, cycling...) and the exchange with architects, engineers and technicians from the Groupama team. Franck Cammas puts all his effort into sailing and has found a balance... on the most unsteady environment there is! A rigorous, talented perfectionist, this competitor leaves nothing to chance and knows how to surround himself with complementary, energetic, innovative characters. Indeed, in order to amass such a score of victories, you need a team above all else, a collective dynamic and the capacity to spend days on end preparing, anticipating and improving on each piece of the immense jigsaw that makes up a multihull. And from this point of view, Franck is also a manager, a catalyst and a reference for all those who surround him!

Franck Cammas

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