The Norse Tradition to speak of a contra-sexuual entity of a guiding Spirit attached to one to name as the Fylgja, which the Western Hermitic's to call the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA). The Saxon Sorcerer to know the Fylgja as the 'Fetch' or Fetch -Wife and Neck-Tie Woman. The Fylgja first manifests in geometric form, then as an animal to take on human form in visions and dreams whose manifold aspects are the Valkyria. Psychology to term the Flygja as the Anima/Animus and that of an interface with the Collective Subconscious of the Dream, which many an ancient culture perceived as being primarily feminine of quality whence the Toltec Sorcerers to know the Fylgja as the Feminine Inorganic Intelligence of the Nagual.




What if the Ancient Norse Valkyries and Anglo-Saxon ‘Waelkyrge’ are one and the same as those creatures experienced by the Toltec ‘Seers’ of Ancient Mexico as Inorganic Beings-Allies, described in the literary works of Carlos Castaneda, who was under the tutelage of the Shaman and Sorcerer Don Juan. The Ancient Norse Vitki/Shaman and Anglo-Saxon Sorcerers were probably in contact with such a Feminine Inorganic Intelligence, which they knew as the Valkyrie; the meaning of the name translates as, "She who Chooses the Slain."

"Warriors know that normally it is the organic beings that initiate any communication with the inorganic beings. The inorganic beings then proceed with a subtle and sophisticated follow-up; once the barrier of awareness is broken, inorganic beings become what seers refer to as allies; allies are sensitive to the seer's most subtle thoughts, moods and fears."(Promise of Power: Reflections on the Toltec Warriors Dialogue from the Collected Works of Carlos Castaneda, by Tomas)

The Ancient Norse myths describe the Valkyries as maniacal spear-waving armored Battle Maidens of the Storm Winds, whom ride above the bloody tumults of conflict, Choosing those Slain Heroes fallen upon the battlefields of sacrificial gory repute into a glorious heroic death. These creatures are attracted to such places like that of clouds of Carrion Crows, which are drawn there by the stench of carcasses; at such lonely places of Sacrifice they swarm as predatory Feline shadows harvesting their due as ever hungering Siberian Tigers.

"As time went on the Valkyries became more dignified and, regrettably, a trifle pompous. Wagner did them a great deal of damage, aided by stage-designers and the fact that a large voice needs a large voice to live in. Today their downfall is complete, and the commonly accepted image is of a strapping woman with straw-hued plaits, a pair of saucepan-lids chained over her ample bosom, and a voice not unsuited to the parade ground."(A Guide to the Gods, by Richard Carlyon)

However, their nature is of a more elemental and hyper-Surreal in influence, hearkening back to an ancient and primordial Magical and Shamanistic understanding, of which the works of Castaneda's dialogues with the Shaman and Sorcerer Don Juan may give a deeper technical and practical insight into. What is more, the Valkyries appear to be the continuous line of influence of whose origins stem from the dim mists of time of the Matriarchal Great Goddess Cults as well as personifying the powers of Sex and Death, Alpha and Omega.

The Valkyries were perceived by the ancient Norse to be the attendants and Handmaidens to the Shaman God and powerful Sorcerer Odin, whom the ancient Saxons knew as Woden, who also was the God of Shamanistic Combat Techniques and the Spiritual Martial Arts like that of the Ancient Chinese Deity Xuan Wu Da Di who is perceived as being the Warrior God of the North.

The Valkyries appear to be Odin’s Tutelary Familiar Spirit Allies of Ecstasy who are his ‘Goetic Grimoire’ Faerie sorceresses and Inorganic Trans-Dimensional Intelligence's, with whom he has a mutual and Erotic Symbiotic Congress.

"Warriors know that the allies are capable of love, a kind of love which the average man can't even conceive."(Promise of Power)

The Female Spirits known as Apsaras and Dākinīs of ancient Hinduism and that of Tantric and Buddhist belief are their Valkyries one and the same.

"Dākinī, Supernatural beings in Buddhism, who fly through the air. They are invested with specific magical powers, they can initiate novices into the secret learning of Tantra, and they can be of assistance to the Yogin who wishes to further his spiritual insight. They appear as Young Girls hideously disguised or with a head of a Lion or a Bird, and with the face of a Horse or a Dog. They are also supposed to eat human beings."(Dictionary of Gods & Goddesses, Devils & Demons, by Manfred Lurker)

The Inorganic Intelligence of the Valkyrie Allies feed upon the Energetic ‘Charge’ of Emotion in order to ‘Spin’ it, wherefore to perhaps explain why the Ancient Agrarian Matriarchal Cultures were very much into Sacrificial Human Offerings via Ritualistic Warfare.

"Warriors know that the allies are attracted by emotions; the emanations inside of them are rallied by animal fear more than anything else, although the energy released by other emotions such as love, hatred or sadness are equally effective. The old seers actually learned to parcel out their fear and thereby keep their allies in a form of bondage."(Promise of Power)

The Inorganic Intelligence of the Valkyrie Allies to exist within the Quantum Dreaming Realm of the Nagual, where there be the Labyrinthine ‘Membrane’ Realm Penumbra…

"Warriors know that the labyrinth of penumbra is the sorcerers' term for the realm of the inorganic beings; a blob of cavernous pores floating in some dark space. The inorganic beings are portrayed by sorcerers as hollow canes bound together like the cells of our bodies; this immense bundle is called the labyrinth of Penumbra." (Promise of Power)

One can access the Realm of the Valkyrie when to Tune into their Reality via Trance and Dreaming.

"Warriors know that in terms of the physicality of the universe, the realm of the inorganic beings exists in a particular position of the assemblage point, just as the world of men exists in a particular position of the assemblage point. The realm of the inorganic beings is the old sorcerers, field.  In their own realm, the inorganic beings are as real as they can be, but in our world they are like moving pictures of rarefied energy projected through the boundaries of two worlds. The realm of the inorganic beings is sometimes called the netherworld. In the realm of the inorganic beings, any one who has life force can give it to another by blowing on them; allies roam the deserted plain between the parallel lines; the realm of the inorganic beings is sealed, no one can enter or leave without the inorganic beings consent." (Promise of Power)

The Valkyries travel the web underlying the Battlefield of Experiential life over which ones Dualistic Emotions to Battle war raging, not only that of the life, which pertains to this world but also that of many other worlds throughout Space and Time. Across the Lattice work web of fibers that are made of Light the Valkyrie Sky-Walkers wander over as gliding beaded Stars traveling the Yoni voids of Wormholes inter-linking Worlds.

"Warriors know that the allies don't really have enough energy to be aggressive; allies have a different kind of energy which is more like an electric current." (Promise of Power)

The Valkyries can manifest into physical experiential reality at specific (Grid/Web) Power Spots on the Earth's surface at the Shamans beckoning as roaring time storms of electromagnetic whirlwind Crop-Circle vortices that can carry away the Shaman into other realities or to appear into Flesh of beguiling form like that of some ‘Tornado’ riding ‘Dorothy’ with her Sirian Dog Toto as well as to work through a Woman possessed of Valkyrie ken but most often than not they to appear within ones Quantum Dreams.

"Warriors know it is possible for a dreamer to be transported bodily to the realm of the inorganic beings; if the position of the assemblage point changes appropriately, the dreamer is off like a bullet, shoes hat and all." (Promise of Power)

Their effect upon one's consciousness can be quite devastating literally shredding away any preconceptions pertaining to one's mundane everyday perception to the point of madness. One's mind naturally shields it's, ‘Tonal’ self from imploding by projecting what one can reasonably deal with upon the phenomenon experienced.

The Valkyries are Shapeshifters, manifesting as the most beguilingly beautiful of all Women beyond the par of their physical ken, who are the essence and the distillation of the Erotic Feminine.

"Warriors know the allies possess the capability to take on any shape they please; the only way warriors can change the true shape of those creatures is to lose their human form." (Promise of Power)

They can also take on the guises of the most truly terrifying of forms so that an intense Emotional response can be generated within their chosen Spouse.

"Warriors know that life and consciousness are a matter of energy and as such belong to both organic and inorganic beings. Energetically speaking, inorganic beings are long, candle-like and opaque while organic beings are round and much brighter; organic beings are short-lived because they are made to hurry, while inorganic beings live infinitely longer with a consciousness that is much calmer and deeper. The old seers believed that plants have the most intense communication with the inorganic beings and used the awareness of plants to assemble the worlds of inorganic life." (Promise of Power)  

The forms that the Valkyries assume are called into manifestation by the Shamans deepest yearning desires or that of his darkest fears as well as by his cultural conditioning; They hunger to hook Hero souls of warrior Shaman's into a symbiotic and transforming relationship from which they can sustain their existence as they feed on the emotive energy release of their chosen lovers in a shared communion of symbiosis.

"Warriors Know, that the universe is markedly female, and that maleness, being an offshoot of femaleness, is almost scarce and thus coveted. Consequently, the inorganic beings, as a rule, are not in the slightest bit interested in women; women also have much more of a natural facility with the Nagual. The inorganic beings believe that the female principle has such pliability and so vast a scope that its members are impervious to their traps and set ups." (Promise of Power)

Their Chosen Lover's are taken through the internal Yoni star portals into the Microcosmic underlying Dreaming Implicate Order's underlying the Macrocosmic Explicate Order's of alternate realities existing within parallel universes over which they reside as knowledge holders. Each Valkyrie has different energetic qualities and powers associated with them.

"Warriors know that understanding the allies is a personal matter; allies are different for every man, the way we perceive them depends on the bent of our nature." (Promise of Power)

One can see them as being akin to the Spirits classified in the Grimoires of the ‘Medieval’ Sorcerers as well as that of Grey Extraterrestrial Entities of our now prevalent cultural mythos to which the Inorganic Beings appear to be adapting to as well as influencing.

"Warriors know that the inorganic beings are compelled to interact with dreamers through their dreaming activities; the shift of the assemblage point accomplished in dreaming creates a distinctive energy charge which attracts the inorganic beings' attention. By crossing the first two gates of dreaming, warriors make their bidding known to them. Dreamers mingle with the inorganic beings and turn them into allies; they form extraordinary associations with them." (Promise of Power)

The Valkyries dance the weave of associative informational streams into fractal dream domains of internal Holographic Virtual Realities being the projection of the Warrior Shaman conjoined with them, yet cooperatively created by many a likened Associative Mind. These Holographic Virtual Realities are the Dreaming Implicate Ordered templates of the Microcosm underlying the Macrocosmic Explicate Orders of innumerable Hologram realities. 

The weave of the Dream is woven into a Web that captures the Shaman's deepest desires that become as Synchronicities whereby the Dream of him self becomes as flesh upon awakening from his deep Trance, for he then leaps from one Hologram reality into another from within himself.

"What dreamers perceive in dreaming as bright or dark sticks, or the voice of the dreaming emissary, or scouts, are in fact only the projections of the inorganic beings; the inorganic beings project phantom projections to please dreamers or to frighten them. In our world, the inorganic beings are like moving pictures of rarefied energy projected through the boundaries of two worlds; but in their own realm, the inorganic beings are as real as anything in our world; the inorganic beings are female and only go after males, they don't pursue females." (Promise of Power)   

Their Almond shaped Obsidian Smoking Mirrored Eyes burn with hunger for the Bright Glow of Awareness and the Emotional Energy of a Warrior soul of a Shaman upon whom they swoop as Succubae Ravens ‘Choosing’ him as he falls ‘Self-Slain’ into Trance. The Shaman wrestles with his Valkyrie Allies to his near Death.

"Warriors know that once an ally comes in contact with them, they either have a heart attack and die or they wrestle with the ally; after a moment of sham ferocity, the ally's energy wanes because there is really nothing an ally can do to the warrior or vice versa. Warriors know that they are separated by an abyss; allies cannot push at all, but they can scare human beings and make them fall; once on the ground, they can hold anybody down. In order to meet an ally, individuals must be spotless warriors, otherwise the ally might turn on them and destroy them."(Promise of Power)

Like ravaging packs of ‘Grey’ Wolf Bitches they circle their prey ever watching as the Warrior Shaman, Self Slain into Trance and deep Dreaming falls back through the Veil between Worlds into their dark embrace. As the Shaman accesses their domain they ride him as Nightmare Bedroom Invading Hags, their forms quite Alien at first akin to amorphous blobs that slowly take on shapes according to his emotive response to their presence.

"Warriors know the allies wait for them, just like death waits for them, everywhere and nowhere." (Promise of Power)

The Warrior Shaman feels their Talons around his Throat dragging him into awakening within the Dream Domain that they have woven about him, as they arouse the Feathered Serpent Dragon Life-Force that courses in its ascent through his Reptilian Brain-Stem. He feels their brushing caresses and kisses to the back of his head, drawing him out into their realm of arcane Terrors and Wonders.

The Warrior Shaman is faced with the choice that he has to ‘Die’, so that he may ‘Live’. The Warrior Shaman chooses to Live, making himself as Sacrifice upon the Battlefield of his life, welcoming them to become as the Carrion Crow to Feast upon his Old-Self of an ‘Emotively Charged’ Internal Dialogue of reinforced Ego so that he will be Reborn anew.

The Grey Valkyries betwixt and between the Hypnagogic Pylons Black and White cut away the skins of  the Warrior Shaman’s shadowed perceptions and outmoded beliefs from the his flayed Ego. Upon an operating table of an altar they slice off a layer of Ego at a time, joyously slicing away; the Valkyries wallow in the gore and pain of his mourning at letting go, cutting him apart to dismembering and skinning the Warrior Shaman with Obsidian Chöd flaying knives initiating him back to his Bornless Core-Self.

A Dancing Crystalline Skeleton of Light the Warrior Shaman becomes as Scarecrow Spirit liberated whose arms are tied around the Throat of his initiating Valkyrie as she carries him with her Sisters through the internal Yoni Star-Gate of the Hypnagogic Hymen Veil between Waking and Sleeping. The Warrior Shaman's Feminine Allies take him lovingly across the Rainbow Serpent-Bridge of Bifrost into the hallowed Labyrinthine halls of Penumbra/Vaholl wherefore to then travel other Realities beyond the limits of both Space and Time as the Singular of Eye Riding Eight-Legged Grey Mare Sleipnir Tuning into Time-Wave to ‘Weave’ the Wyrd Web as a Wizard of Oz Sorcerer.


 Note: The Lemegeton/Goetia and that of other Medieval Grimoires were principly written down by Monkish Scribes and Scholars who were heavily imprinted by Judaeo-Christian doctrine whom perceived Sex as being the first Sin to have birthed all Evil through Woman as Temptress. Wherefore the all Male slant of many a Medieval Grimoire is based upon Judaic metaphysical investigations of a patriarchal perspective, which to fear not only the Feminine but also Sex. The Medieval Sorcerer indulging in evoking Spirits via Judaic formulae for his own dark shadowy ends would have been truly horrified if confronted by an entity of a salacious Succubus attempting to get into his stockings. This also applies in regards to those later Ritual Magick practitioners of the Golden Dawn and even the Great Beast Aleister Crowley him self whose orientation was primarily patriarchal of slant. Many an Occult practitioner continues on in a similar stance of traditional perspective without questioning and hence has been duly imprinted by the underlying Judaeo-Christian Meme of an all pervasive patriarchal influence. If one is dealing with 'Rebel' Angels for example wouldn't one then 'Rebel' against the Traditional construct of prison so as to Imprint ones self anew and thereby break the chains of control laid upon ones Mind that shackles the Imagination!

The follwers of Asatru and that of the Anglo-Saxon are also very much Patriarchal of stance to have adopted a Judaeo-Christian relationship in regards to their belief-systems. This is understandable since so much has been lost in relation to the European Elder faith, which is also applicable to the Celtic. What survived of the European Elder faith was written down by Christian scholars whom left out what they considered too much to handle especially in regards to the respect that the Elder faiths had for the Matriarchal let alone that of their acceptance of Sex. What survived tended to be that of the province of the Patriarchal Militaristic Nobility so as to romanticise becoming Wagnarian of hue while to cut out any references to Shamanic/Sorcery practices and if anything relating to such Magical practices got through it was because they did not understand it or to debunk. Celtic folklore to often relate about sexual relations between the Human and that of otherworldly beings, which to a Christian is tantamount to bestiality while in other cultures such as those who have not forgotten their Shamanic traditions such relationships of transmundane symbiotic congress are seen to be quite normal.

The Multiverse be Predatory of Nature

Everything be Born of Woman

She to Give and Take Away