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Fireman's Park in SwastikaUnlike Chaput Hughes, which is on the map but is essentially a part of Kirkland Lake (hence why I donít profile it on this website), Swastika has the makings of being its own little hamlet (at one point in history.)


Swastika is a former railroad town founded in 1906.  It is here that the main ONTC line branches off to Rouyn in Quebec.  Swastika was also home to the Swastika Mining Company, which found gold in 1908 but soon went under soon after.

 During the Second World War the Province asked Swastika to change its name to Winston, in honour of Churchill.  The town refused.

Church upon a hill in SwastikaWhen driving through a few years back, I counted three churches and estimated about 60 houses in Swastika.  The Swastika Firemanís Park has a nice little waterfront along the Blanche River, featuring an historical plaque, a bunch of ducks, and a peaceful spot to stop.

I didnít see too many services or shops in Swastika.  Corner Link Variety is all there is.  It serves ice cream as well as normal variety store stuff.  Itís off the main road, a bit north at the base of the church pictured here.

Swastika has a fairly run down train station, which is surprising considering the ONTC passenger service doesnít go into Kirkland Lake, but lets off in Swastika where you then take a bus.



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