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            Current Analyses
Promises, Promises
By Michael O'Brien
Promises, Promises | Human Resource Executive Online Despite some confusion, the healthcare industry has pledged to slow the national healthcare-spending rate over the next 10 years to help President Barack Obama overhaul the system. Does HR have a role in explaining the finer points of the reform debate to employees?

Bridging the Generational Techno-Divide
By Andrew R. McIlvaine
Bridging the Generational Techno-Divide | Human Resource Executive Online When it comes to technology in the workplace, a big gap exists between baby boomers and Generation Yers as to its proper role. HR needs to find a way to bridge that gap, especially because Gen Y will soon be the largest generation in the workplace. They will bring as many changes to work as the boomers did in their heyday.

Pregnancy-Leave Bias Upheld
By Marlene Prost
Pregnancy-Leave Bias Upheld | Human Resource Executive Online The U.S. Supreme Court rules for AT&T; in a pregnancy-discrimination case that affects the pension benefits a former worker receives. The ruling -- which is seen to have a narrow impact on companies -- states that companies can't be held retroactively responsible for laws passed after a disputed event.

Investing in Workplace Excellence
By David Shadovitz
Investing in Workplace Excellence | Human Resource Executive Online Proponents of progressive HR policies are firm in their beliefs that such practices benefit an organization's bottom line. Now, one mutual fund company is backing up that belief with impressive returns. Some other similarly selected funds, however, are not faring as well.

            More Analyses
Calling for More Work/Life Balance
By Jared Shelly
Calling for More Work/Life Balance | Human Resource Executive Online In a recent speech, First Lady Michelle Obama called for flex time, paid leave for family illnesses and life events, and work-site childcare. While she says such work/life benefits result in increased productivity, some observers say the timing isn't right for new initiatives -- especially if they are forced upon businesses by government mandates.

The Criminal in the Next Cubicle
By Cyril Tuohy, Risk & Insurance®
The Criminal in the Next Cubicle | Human Resource Executive Online The recession can put pressure on employees to steal, and employee theft and fraud typically increases in tough times. Tip lines, prudent procedures -- and forced vacations -- may be just the answer.

Making Robots More Like Us
By The Wharton School
Making Robots More Like Us | Human Resource Executive Online While military uses have tended to dominate commercial development of autonomous robots in America, business opportunities for smart robots are also sizable. So says a researcher who wants to learn how to make robots think and act like humans.

Stocking Up on Healthcare
By Michael O'Brien
Stocking Up on Healthcare | Human Resource Executive Online A new survey finds that company health-plan participants are using more of their benefits, including adding dependents and engaging in costly medical procedures, while they still have jobs and access to those benefits. What can HR do to manage this uptick during the downturn?

Congress Turns Up Heat for OSHA
By Stephen Barlas
Congress Turns Up Heat for OSHA | Human Resource Executive Online The potential for criminal convictions and increased financial penalties for OSHA violations -- coupled with an increased funding for enforcement activities -- mean that companies need to refocus on their health-and-safety policies and procedures. An emphasis on recordkeeping is also a necessity.

Advocating for Employees
By Andrew R. McIlvaine and David Shadovitz
Advocating for Employees | Human Resource Executive Online During the opening day of the 7th Annual NY HR WeekTM, attendees heard from an author who called on HR executives to be more activist as employee advocates, as well as heard from one HR leader, who described how HR transformed her healthcare organization into an employer of choice. The state of business-process outsourcing and other HR challenges were also on the agenda.

EFCA's End of the Road?
By Mark McGraw
EFCA's End of the Road? | Human Resource Executive Online The Employee Free Choice Act has lost some necessary supporters in recent weeks, and it remains unclear if an overhaul of the legislation would help it achieve passage in the future. But HR and business organizations aren't declaring victory just yet.

The Swine Flu Blues
By Jared Shelly
The Swine Flu Blues | Human Resource Executive Online With swine flu dominating international headlines and grinding business to a halt in Mexico, it has also forced HR departments at American companies to begin planning for the possible absence of large numbers of employees. Potential liability issues also need to be addressed.

Kidnapping the Boss
By Jared Shelly
Kidnapping the Boss | Human Resource Executive Online "Boss-nappings" are becoming common in France, as union workers protest layoffs and plant closings. HR leaders of multinational corporations need to fully understand the local protocols and procedures -- which are much more stringent overseas -- if they wish to avoid such situations.

Fighting Fiduciaries
By Marlene A. Prost
Fighting Fiduciaries | Human Resource Executive Online The court battle continues over the class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart, alleging excessive fees and conflicts of interest by 401(k) plan fiduciaries. Heavy hitters are lining up on opposing sides: The DOL on behalf of the employees and three large business organizations on the other.

Helping Day Laborers
By David Shadovitz
Helping Day Laborers | Human Resource Executive Online Like many workers, day laborers have been hit hard by the economic downturn. Often illegally in the country, the workers -- who are found primarily in industries such as construction, landscaping, home renovation and domestic work -- need help with health-and-safety issues, education and work preparedness.

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