Ptolemy I


Ptolemy I Soter1, king of Egypt, son of Arsinoe2 by an unknown father, possibly Lagus3, born in Eordaea, Macedon, c369/8 or c360/3564, member of the Royal Bodyguards of Alexander III, king of Macedon and Great King, 3305, Satrap of Egypt within 7 days of the death of Alexander on 28 Daisios (Mac.) = 29 Ayyaru (Bab.) = 11 June 3236, which probably became the basis of his regnal year6.1; took up the post a few months later 6.2; King of Egypt between 1 Thoth year 1 (Eg.) = 7 November 305 and 30 Skirophorion archonship of Euxenippus (Ath.) = c. 10 July 304, most probably in spring 304, possibly 29 Daisios year 19 (Mac.) = c. 4 June 3047; victor in the pair for foals in the 69th Pythian Games of 3147.1 and in the chariot races in the Olympic Games of an unknown Olympiad7.2; made Ptolemy II coregent c. 25 Dystros year 39 (Mac.) = c. 28 March 2848, died probably Artemisios / Daisios year 41 (Mac.) = c. April-June 2829, probably of illness in old age10, incorporated in the dynastic cult with Berenice I by Ptolemy IV in 215/14 as the Saviour Gods, Qeoi SwthreV11.

Ptolemy I's titles as king of Egypt were:12

Horus               wr-pHt j nsw on j13
Two Ladies        jT j-m-sxm HoA Tl14
Golden Horus      <unknown>
Throne Name     (1) stp-n-Ra mrj-Jmn15
                       (2) xpr-kA-Ra stp-n-Jmn16
Son of Re          ptlmjs

Ptolemy I had four, possibly five, known marriages or liaisons:17

Ptolemy I first conducted a liaison, then marriage, with Thais, an Athenian hetera of unknown parentage, by whom he had Lagus, Leontiscus and Eirene18;

Ptolemy I second married Artakama, daughter of Artabazus, by whom he had no known children19;

Ptolemy I third married Eurydice, daughter of Antipater, regent of Macedon20, by whom he had Ptolemy Ceraunus21, an unknown son22, Ptolemais23 and Lysandra24, probably Meleager25 and possibly Argaeus26;

Ptolemy I fourth married as her second husband Berenice I, daughter of Antigone, a cousin of Eurydice, probably by Magas27, by whom he had Ptolemy II28, Arsinoe II29 and Philotera30.

In addition the children of Berenice I by her first marriage to Philip, Magas31, Antigone32 and probably Theoxena33, became members of the royal family; and

Ptolemy I fifth may have conducted a liaison with Lamia, an Athenian hetera34, daughter of Cleanor35, by whom he had no known children.

Ptolemy I was probably not the father of Ptolemy son of Ptolemy, bodyguard to Philip III.36

In addition, it was agreed in 308 that he would marry Cleopatra, daughter of Philip II of Macedon and Olympias and full sister of Alexander III, but she was murdered before the marriage could take place by agents of Antigonus Monophthalmos.37


Alexandrian Year



Theophrastus is recognised as a philosopher

5 Ptolemy I

4 Ptolemy I

Menedemus & Speusippus noted philosophers



Building of Lysimachaea in Thrace



Demeterius of Phalerum comes to Ptolemy



Ptolemy invades Cyprus



Death of Menander



Antigonus Gonatas takes Sparta

39 (= 3 Lysimachus)

3 Ptolemy II

Sostratus builds the Pharos in Alexandria

2 Ptolemy II


Death of Polemo the philosopher



Death of Zeno the Stoic



Nicomedes of Bithynia builds Nicomedia



Erasistratus is recognised as a famous doctor



Antigonus frees Athens



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