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If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, we encourage you to contact:

Karen Saab
Customer Service Manager
The Secretary's Office

Or in writing at:

Maryland Department of Transportation
7201 Corporate Center Drive
Hanover MD 21076

For information regarding the MBE/DBE Program please call:
Office of MBE
410-865-1269 or

If you are concerned about issues of departmental nature, you can contact us at any of the following phone numbers:

Maryland Department of Transportation 
1 Corporate Center Drive
Hanover MD 21076                              

(410) 865-1142
Toll Free


John D. Porcari
(410) 865-1000

Deputy Secretary

Beverley Swaim-Staley
(410) 865-1000   

Chief of Staff                                     

Leif Dormsjo
(410) 865-1000

Assistant Secretary for Administration

Karen Williams Gooden
(410) 865-1125       

Manager, Office of Federal/State Compliance

(410) 865-1378
Assistant Secretary for Transportation PolicyCaitlyn Hughes Rayman
(410) 865-1092

Director,  Office of Policy & Governmental Affairs

Bruce Gartner
(410) 865-1090

Motor Carrier Policy OfficerEd Miller
(410) 865-1097

Director, Office of Freight Logistics

(410) 865-1225

Assistant Attorney General & Principal Counsel to the Department

Denise Ferguson
(410) 865-1106

Chief Financial Officer, Office of Finance

David L. Fleming
(410) 865-1036

Chief Information Officer, Office of Transportation Technology ServicesChuck Bristow
(410) 865-1328

Director, Office of Public Affairs

Jack Cahalan
(410) 865-1025

Director, Office of Audits

Joe Lambdin 
(410) 865-1166

Director, Office of EngineeringJohn Contestabile
(410) 865-1122
Director, Office of Fleet, Facilities and Administrative Services

Tim Harmon
(410) 865-1140

Director, Office of Diversity and Equity

Jan M. Bryant
(410) 865-1156

Director, Office of Human Resources

Judy Slater
(410) 865-1186

Director, Office of Minority Business Enterprises

Zenita Hurley
(410) 865-1241

Director, Office of Planning and Capital Programming

Don Halligan
(410) 865-1275

Director, Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian AccessMichael E. Jackson
(410) 865-1237
Director, Office of Real EstateChristopher Patusky
(410) 865-1236
Homeland Security AdvisorMichael Fischer
(410) 865-1161

If you are concerned about matters related to

  • aviation or airport activity and/or issues;
  • port activity and/or issues;
  • mass transit activity and/or issues;
  • motor vehicle activity and/or issues;
  • state highway activity and/or issues,

You can contact us at the following email addresses:
Maryland Aviation Administration:

Maryland Port Administration:

Maryland Transit Administration:

Motor Vehicle Administration:

State Highway Administration:
Maryland Transportation Authority is an independent agency responsible for the maintenance of toll bridges, roads and related facilities. Any questions on any of these matters should be addressed to

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7201 Corporate Center Drive P.O. Box 548, Hanover, Maryland 21076  (410) 865-1000