Seriousmagic’s Vlogit!

Seriousmagic’s Vlog it! looks very similar to Varasoftware’s Videocue, but for the PC. The ability to have a dynamic background is nice advantage, though I suspect that will soon to be included in Videocue. The items produced by Vlog it!, hosted at, don’t work for Mac users running Safari, and require Firefox users to install Active-X controls, which is unfortunate. Of course, PC users may find Videocue’s Quicktime output requires them to download a plug-in. Still, this looks like The Tool for PC users looking for a quick way to put short clips up on the net.

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One Response to “Seriousmagic’s Vlogit!”

  1. John Rothko Says:

    The format is indeed not the best there is but when you upload to youtube, the videos can be accessed by practically everyone. In the meantime, Vlogit has been bought by Adobe and it is unclear what it’s future will be.
    What I do like about the software is the teleprompter feature which is very useful for entrepreneurs wanting to create video casts fast and easy.

    You’ve got an interesting site going here. Congratulations!

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