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Hi. I write this stuff that can, most of the time, be considered music.

It's all in the wonderful Ogg Vorbis audio format and will even stream over a 56k modem. If you don't know what an Ogg or a Vorbis is, don't worry. Long story short, MP3 has been around for quite some time. People have learned to compress music into smaller files and still have it sound just as good or better. But, this requires a new format: Ogg Vorbis. By now there are players and plugins for every operating system, all easily installed. Even your Portable Player may support it.

If you're wondering, this stuff is all written using a tracking package called Soundtracker, which is essentially a FastTracker 2 clone for Linux. I've repaired the most recent release which doesn't seem to build on most platforms. The fixed tarball is here. What happened to FT2? It "evolved" into Skale Tracker which is available for both Linux and Windows.

Hard Trance
4:56 5 Feb 2003
Carole EXPLICIT! - music: me, lyrics: Seanie
"Boy Band Death Metal with Trumpet"
2:39 21 Dec 2001
Carole (dirty laundry mix)
Old school Hardcore Rave
2:46 28 Jan 2002
Hyporia (+rave mixer)
Old school Tracker Rave
4:18 28 Apr 2001
Melodic Ambient Trance Dance
8:02 24 Jul 2001
I Found What I'm Looking For
Cheesy Ballad Love Song
3:38 30 Apr 2001
Cannot You See
Industrial Metal
3:31 6 May 2001
You Make Me Want You
Industrial Metal
3:10 30 Dec 2001
Sherwood Spirit's Theme (Worldforge)
Romantic Classical RPG-like
3:04 26 Feb 2002

Originals for Video Games:
from pydance (written by myself and Joe Wreschnig):
6.January'2002 (pyDDR version)
1:33 6 Jan 2002
1:54 20 Mar 2003
from Solar Wolf (written by Pete Shinners):
intro/menu (play looped for best results) 1:36 9 Jan 2002
ingame 1 (play looped for best results) 1:07 12 Jan 2002
ingame 2 (play looped for best results) 1:20 12 Feb 2004
from 4st Attack (written by Jeroen Vloothuis):
from XPuyoPuyo (written by Justin Smith):
ingame (play looped for best results) 1:52 8 Jun 2000
from Dr. Oiram (written by Scott Burt, myself):
from Cybrice (written by Mike Duersch):

Original Chiptunes:
still empty. hopefully something will be here soon!

(smurfs meet hardcore techno)
1:32 25 Aug 2000
(this time, the muppets meet hardcore techno)
1:17 25 Aug 2000
(orinoco flow with a drumbeat and a speed pill)
2:57 8 Feb 2002
DJ Juanito/Lina Santiago- Show Me Your Love
(hyper mix)
4:35 4 Apr 1999
Dune- Who Wants to Live Forever?
(techno symphonic mix)
3:53 14 Nov 2001

Covers of Regular Music:
(Theme from Transformers: The Movie, covered into NES)
3:31 15 May 2007

Video Game Covers:
(Zelda 2 rock/metal medley)
4:54 29 Nov 2003
Ridley's Believe it or Not
(Metroid rock/metal medley)
4:11 10 May 2004
Duke NES'em 3D
(Duke Nukem 3D's intro song, covered into NES)
2:02 24 Dec 2006

Crap I really need to work on:
Hammered Bros.
(a bunch of mario funstuffs done for an OHC)
1:09 WIP
Dark Lullaby
(Zelda 3 Dark World a la Music Box Lullaby)
2:06 WIP
I'm working on a Guilty Gear XX cover CD. All tunes will be chiptunes (currently all are NES-style with no expansions). Here's what I'm "finished" with so far, in order of completion date:
1-01: Feedback (intro) 0:56 Sep 2006
2-15: Game Over 0:08 Nov 2006
2-01: Awe of She (Dizzy) 3:04 Nov 2006
1-07: Feel a Fear (Eddie) 2:58 Apr 2007
2-14: Go For It! 0:24 Apr 2007
2-13: Vs 0:08 Apr 2007
2-12: D.O.A. (Character Select) 1:12 May 2007
RK15: Pillars of the Underworld (Ky) (VRC6) 3:04 Jun 2008