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About Homs

At 43,630 km2, Homs is Syria’s largest governorate. Traditionally home to the country’s most famous historical sites, including Palmyra, Krak des Chevaliers and others. Today Homs is one of Syria’s key industrial centres and a major crossroads for international trade.

Industry: Homs produces a variety of high-quality industrial goods. These include:

Textiles: Ready-To-Wear clothing, curtains fabrics, towels, yarns, and printed and dyed fabrics.
Food Products: dairy products, fruit juices, soft drinks, vegetable oils and margarine, salt, sugar, candy, chocolate and olive oil.
Chemicals: phosphate and fertilizer production, cement, animal feed, plastic products, medicaments for human and animal use, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Others: refrigerators and air conditioners.

Agriculture: Homs’ moderate climate, rich soil and extensive irrigation from the 7 Rivers of Homs have made the governorate the breadbasket of Syria. Its major crops include: cotton, sugar beat, wheat, chickpeas, cumin, lentils, sunflowers, fruits and vegetables.



Hissaya Industrial city

A new industrial city to encourage further investment in Homs governorate and the middle region has been established in Hissaya, 47 km south of the city of Homs. Spreading across some 2500 hectares and due to the increasing interest of investors, the possibility of expanding this city is currently under consideration. The city covers four main industrial sectors: textiles, food, chemical, engineering and vocational.
Special facilities have also been established to service the city, including workers’ accommodations, leisure facilities, hotels, banks, schools, restaurants and a railway station. In all, the facilities are designed to accommodate up to 66,000 workers and their families. Moreover, a free zone has been established within the City.

The industrial city has a number of advantages for potential investors, and provides modern and up to date business facilities to a variety of industrial sectors on site. The simplified administrative procedures are considered an extra advantage.
Yet importantly, Homs governorate is considered the most important transportation hub in Syria, which allows for easy export and import of products from/to the Mediterranean countries, as well as neighbouring countries, and that is why a dry dock will be built in it.

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