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It's said that half of what you read on the holonet is bogus, and the other half is just plain wrong. But this thread of slicer postings seems to have stumbled onto something big -- Thaere's plan to crush the Cularin resistance.

[[posttime 21:23:07]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid tinyf111]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node a13.882]]

heya. was making with the plunder this morning on thaere's old holonet nodes and found this. kinda thought everyone might wanna see it; went ahead and sliced the encryption for y'all too
later ~Tiny.F.

Security Classification D
To: All Cularin-based Commanders, Thaereian Navy EMF
Fr: Tramsig
Re: Destabilization

Refer to standard encryption log S-2, pseudonet file slash-N. Message begins.
// Our leverage on key personnel in Cularin has been lost. Further political destabilization is unlikely to take hold. Social and economic destabilization program commences immediately. You all understand the risk we are taking. Keep Jedi at a distance; they are both our fulcrum and our lever. For the greater good, for the prosperity of Thaere, and for the continuation of life as it must be in our galaxy, this must be done. It is not my nature to ask things of you that I would not do myself, but I cannot do everything. There will be resistance. Cularin is known for its resistance. Find the resistance and CRUSH IT. The witch will shout and stomp all over Coruscant, but I've been assured that she won't make headway that our allies don't want her to make. What we must do is keep Cularin controlled. We will not be able to keep the people happy, but we can at least keep them quiet.//

// We will take losses. This is inevitable. But when one commits to the cause of right, one understands that the greater good cannot and will not be achieved without sacrifice. May the Force be with you. May the Force be with us all.//

// Tramsig//

Message ends.

[[posttime 21:26:27]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid wampa1]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node c3.1s92]]

Tiny - what node that come from? U got to tell us more. Dangling that kind of heaviness don't last 4 long with these nodes. U come up with something more than shooting big mouths across the holonet and people listen to u.

Ur friend, wampa1

[[posttime 21:31:01]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid myrlinator]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node b513.2]]

wampa1, you slicer-dreaming dirt magnet - you couldn't slice bread with a lightsaber

get this - if you take the node address tinyf posted this from and track the databit history, you pull right to the node that the original data came from - it's a thaereian node, tee-aitch-dot-ex-one-dot-one-dot-three-dot-eight (thought I'd spell it out since your pathetic synapses don't seem to be able to fire in sequence long enough to follow even the simple bits of data history tinyf left for us - and if you didn't already know that "th" is the prefix for all the thaereian nodes, well, I just can't help you)

if you can't figure out this basic poodoo, just get off the holonet before mommy takes away your datapad and the space slugs game card you saved up your allowance to buy

[[posttime 21:36:37]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid wampa1]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node c3.1s92]]

U think ur so smart myrl? I can slice anything I want. I just wanted to see if u and the other scrubs on here could figure it out 4 themselves. U better watch hoo u call a dirt magnet, and remember that dirt's not got enuff metal in it on most planets to even be magnetic, which shows how dumb u r.


[[posttime 21:41:53]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid tharestinx]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node nn3.012]]


Wampa1 can't even spell his own name. Worse than that, the little nerf-knot isn't on a floating node. He's probably posting from home. Somebody want to smack him down - maybe call his mother?

[[posttime 21:46:18]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid wampa1]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node c3.1s92]]

(Or we could just take over his node and create real havoc with it - hugs and kisses, Alyssa, future apprentice to Baylan - if you read this, you sexy slicer beast, you just backslice this and find me - it'll be worth your while!)

[[posttime 22:14:14]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid OPS199a]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node ops.3.2442]]

The Office of Peace and Security on Cularin has been notified of the existence of this documentation. We will be forwarding it on to all appropriate parties. If the validity of this documentation is established, it may serve to assist Senator Wren in obtaining intervention in our current situation. OPS appreciates the work of civic-minded individuals like yourselves in preserving the best interests of Cularin.


Jarg Fleffant
Corporal, Gadrin OPS

[[posttime 22:22:23]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid alyssaroxu]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node am.8892.2]]

Fleffant? What the excrement kind of name is "Fleffant"?

Not to sound flippant (or fleffant, for that matter), but if OPS thinks this little bit of intelligence is going to change anything anywhere, they're cracked. I think everyone here knows - you skirt the edge of what's allowed, no one says a thing. I see that original memo, or whatever it was, and I see lots of skirting. Tell me what's wrong with a military that's "protecting" people putting down revolts. I dare you. Can't? There's a reason.

It sounds scary with everything that's been happening. It doesn't mean it means anything.

Just playing dark side's advocate here.

Hugs and kisses, Alyssa, future apprentice to Baylan

[[posttime 22:31:49]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid IMPEVERI]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node hed.a1]]

I tend to take this seriously. It fits with everything we know about Thaere's activities so far, and if it can be authenticated, does present a compelling case for our Militia having acted as it did. I will not go so far as to say it is accurate - not 100%, at least - but I am willing to credit it as containing potentially relevant information.
- WI

[[posttime 22:40:33]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid kelsoblod]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node 11s.2396.79]]

Anybody know if that was who I think it was? Politicos don't read these nodes, do they?

[[posttime 22:43:57]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid tharestinx]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node f88.12w348]]

Dunno. I always figured everybody read these nodes, and that when I posted something the entire galaxy took it seriously and pondered the deep emotional and metaphysical manifestations of my brilliance.

Are you suggesting that the entire galaxy might not be aware of my brilliance? I just can't accept that.

[[posttime 22:46:27]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid wampa1]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node c3.1s92]]

ha alyssa u think u r smart just like myrl but u r not, ur name is alysssa maggrit and u r 12 years old and were born on tolea biqua so how smart do u think u r now


Not at all ur friend, wampa1

[[posttime 22:51:00]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid gunganimpala]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node otoh.7211471]]

Alyssa, was that you or the dirt magnet?

[[posttime 23:00:19]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid alyssaroxu]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node ff5.r196u]]

The dirt magnet. He rather brilliantly uncovered the identity of the little Duros girl who lives on Tolea Biqua and runs numbers for her uncle. I'm sure uncle is going to love hunting down wampa1 and stringing him up.

There any other bigwigs on here? I wanna hear more whacked-out conspiracy theories. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Thaere - but this is all kind of immature, you know? Who really believes that Thaere has been plotting to do something mean and nasty to Cularin, anyway? It's all part of the game that the politicians play, and I'm sick of having to watch it.

Hugs and kisses, Alyssa, future apprentice and love slave to Baylan

[[posttime 23:04:44]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid __0__]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node 0.0.0]]

My sources tell me that this is accurate. They also tell me that it was meant to be found. Thaere wants people angry. They know what that means for them.

[[posttime 23:14:11]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid mstrslcr]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node hj8802.19]]

Okay, anyone else able to slice that last one? I tried every trick and every bit of gear I've got, and if anyone can nail down what the Sith a 0.0.0 holonet node actually means, I want to know. I also want a copy of whatever gear you used, since I just bounced off everything when I started trying to get into the things that looked like 0.0.0.

This whole thing is starting to bug me out. Meaning, I got some good ideas about what's been going on with Thaere. Some of my friends got picked up by Thaere patrols and never came home again. They been doing this for a while and no one called them on it.

Anyone get what "social and economic destabilization program" means? Anyone else think the economic part might be tied to whatever the Cartel got so wet in the shorts about a while back?

I know some folks (looking at Alyssa) don't get into the conspiracy thing. I say, you go on living in that little dream world, because the whole universe is full of conspiracies. Closing your eyes doesn't mean the conspiracies aren't there. Just means you don't see them. That's what people like Tramsig want.

[[posttime 23:19:42]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid l337b0i]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node 0.0.0]]

Anyone can spoof a node location. Lookie. I'm at 0.0.0. Who are you, mstrslcr - wampa1 with a spellcheck?

You go on with your conspiracy theories. Tell you something - no matter what kind of theory you come up with, you always miss the real cause of whatever's going on. Think you know? You don't. Think you got a clue? Whatever. You couldn't buy a clue from a corrupt OPS hound with a pastry fetish.

Thaere... bad news, bucky. They haven't gone anywhere. Just look at how things are set up for them. How long did they have to set up a perimeter - 10 years? What were they doing before and since? Don't look too hard, it'll make your head hurt.

Best thing you can do is stay underground. They don't want us. They want the Jedi.

Think about it. Then stay out of the way and let the prissy laser-sword-wielding do-gooders get what's coming to them.

[[posttime 23:25:03]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid alyssaroxu]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node bdgr1.8u2]]

Actually, l337, you're at node y21.a7.230, subnet qr6, terminal located on a ship docked at Varna Biqua.

There is no conspiracy here. No way is this about the Jedi. Most of the ones that mattered got yanked out of here when the big war started. Now there's 2 masters - a kook in robes who's teaching because the council doesn't know where else to put him, and a scary chick with a thing for long glowing objects - and a bunch of knights and padawannabes.

I'll just say it: Cularin has NO TACTICAL SIGNIFICANCE. Why come up with theories to explain something that makes no sense to do, if you're at war?

Sheesh. It's more fun to slag on wampa1.

Hugs and kisses, Alyssa, future life partner to Baylan

[[posttime 23:44:57]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid aidedecamp]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node ghc.8.112]]

I have been in contact with Senator Wren, and she has expressed deep concern over the contents of this message. It is her feeling that this does indicate that Thaere has been planning to take control of Cularin for some time, and that it was only through the quick and judicious action by Cularin's Militia that a forced occupation was averted.

The Senator is not, at this time, speculating on the steps that might be taken by Thaere as the emergent conflict progresses, nor is she speculating on the nature of the reported relationship between Thaere and the Separatist movement. She wishes to emphasize to the people of Cularin that our system remains strictly loyal to the Galactic Senate and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

Expect a public statement from the Senator shortly regarding likely disposition of the situation as it currently is understood as a follow-up to Operation False Horizon.

[[posttime 23:51:32]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid kelsoblod]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node am1.00.717]]

Was that legit? There's enough doublespeak and nonsense that I'd almost believe that came from a politician. Anyone else?

[[posttime 23:56:11]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid l@2erbr@1n]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node cnmm.wdg.91303]]

Nerfalicious. All you space slugs wandering around in a haze and wondering what's going on. I'll TELL YOU WHAT'S GOING ON. You're going to die. If I was one of those half-speaking brainless gunga-types, I'd say there's a 'bombad war' coming. Thing is, you know who gets killed in war? Dumb people . So go on, go out and fight, be dumb, and come back in a box.

This is how it's always been. People are going to die. Who builds a huge military to protect a little backwater like Cularin?

Nobody. There's always been something else here. You people were too dumb to see this coming. You deserve what you get.

[[posttime 23:59:58]]
[[postdate [yesterday]]]
[[userid N]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node 814.7]]

Let them come. Many of us are ready to defend our homes with whatever it takes.

Anyone who believes that only those who fight in wars die in wars has a lot to learn. May you live long enough to see the galaxy more clearly.


[[posttime 00:04:19]]
[[postdate [today]]]
[[userid kelsoblod]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node io.15.18.25]]

I'm starting to think maybe lots of people who are pretty major are on this. Anyone else get the feel that maybe if we don't let this slide, someone's going to be knocking on doors? Meaning, I know everyone here thinks they're pretty hot slice-juice, but how good are we hidden?

You also got to think about who's gonna like or not like what you got to say. Take a stand on either side, and you got a chance to end up on the wrong side. Me, I think there's lots of bad, but I don't think I know where the big badness is. Thaere don't look kind, but if they win do you want to be one of the people they find who said they parented wampa1? Just saying.

The rest of you say you're fine with this. Conspiracy theories and all. I don't care. I'm scared. If this is real, and Thaere wants to take out Cularin, can we really stop them?

If being scared makes me lame, then I'm lame. At least I'm honest about it. Not like some of you.

[[posttime 00:16:17]]
[[postdate [today]]]
[[userid wampa1]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node c3.1s92]]

haha kelsoblod u r a wimp and an UBERl@mer nobody will takl to u again so u should just lv

look everybody at scaredy kelso


[[posttime 00:18:22]]
[[postdate [today]]]
[[userid alyssaroxu]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node 0909.hus1]]

FYI... wampa1's node just served as a transmittal station for 3 trillion copies of a picture of his mom at a swank restaurant with a hairy gundark. I think I smelled smoke. We won't be hearing from him again any time soon.

Hugs and kisses, Alyssa, future apprentice to Baylan

[[posttime 00:30:00]]
[[postdate [today]]]
[[userid holosrv]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node central1.02.a19]]

At 21:23:07 yesterday, materials were posted to this forum which potentially violated security parameters. Cularin holonet services hereby suspends this forum until further notice. Any individuals contributing further to this discussion will be brought in for questioning.

Have a pleasant day.

[[posttime 00:32:35]]
[[postdate [today]]]
[[userid wampa1]]
[[postloc Cularin holonet node c3.1s92]]

[image of human woman and gundark seated in a romantic restaurant]

[this message then repeats another 15 times]

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