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Celebrate SoroSuub

Scenario Supplement for No Place Like Home

Former Living Force Plot Director and Campaign Designer Morrie Mullins presents the latest in our monthly series of supplements to the campaign's newest scenarios. In "Celebrate SoroSuub," Miim Te'Suub announces the return of the annual grand celebration on Tolea Biqua, sponsored once again by the SoroSuub Corporation. And with everything that's happened in Cularin this year, SoroSuub has grander plans than ever . . . This supplement ties into the December Living Force scenario, No Place Like Home.

Every year, SoroSuub holds a grand celebration on Tolea Biqua to mark the anniversary of the production of the first of its Cannibalizers in the Edic Bar facility. This year, with everything that has happened in Cularin, SoroSuub has grander plans than ever, and the attention brought to Cularin by its re-emergence into the galaxy guarantees that attendance from outside the system will be at an all-time high. In a galaxy at war, people need a chance to relax. What follows is a detailed press release from SoroSuub's offices on Edic Bar . . .

It is with great joy that the SoroSuub Corporation announces the renewal of our annual Cularin celebration. While for those of us in Cularin, there has been no lag, we recognize that those of you outside Cularin may have made other plans. We encourage you to cancel those plans and join us once more on Tolea Biqua as we commemorate the production of the first of our Cannibalizers. With the blessings of our center on Sullust, we have invested most heavily in creating a pleasing and exciting atmosphere for the event, and we are certain that you will not be disappointed.

Traditional favorite events will go on as ever. We will have racing for those of you who thrive on danger, and test flights in new models -- those produced in our Edic Bar facilities and several from other locations around the galaxy -- to demonstrate the breadth and quality of products offered by SoroSuub. The famous attractions of Tolea Biqua will be open to the public as well, though we do encourage those of you with a familial orientation to choose wisely in selecting establishments to frequent. To that end, we are offering child-care services at a modest fee on Ipsus, through cooperation with our good friends at Naescorcom. Those of you who cannot find child-care in your home systems can feel free to bring the children along, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to put them into capable hands once you arrive. The nature of entertainment on Tolea Biqua makes it unlikely to suit most families, though if you deem it right for your children, by all means, bring them along!

Gambling, as always, is encouraged on Tolea Biqua. SoroSuub is supportive of the various gambling endeavors that the city has to offer, though we must insist that you check the guidebook provided when you arrive. It lists the various establishments, along with their minimum bets, collection policies, and drink quotas. We believe that you must find a gambling establishment that suits your personal needs in order to obtain the maximum possible enjoyment from your time in Tolea Biqua.

In addition, this year we will hold a pageant to choose the loveliest individual in all of Cularin. Entrants from outside the system are certainly allowed, though such entries will be limited due to the nature of the competition. It would be odd indeed for the loveliest individual in Cularin to live outside the system, after all. The pageant will include a fashion competition, a talent competition (though we have strictly forbidden all forms of dancing that involve the use of body parts not available to all species, in order to prevent advantaging the Twi'leks yet again), a cooking competition, and a droid repair competition. Entrants will be judged on style, grace, and dexterity, and we encourage creativity. Our judges have traveled the galaxy extensively and have seen most of the appetizing presentations a pageant contestant can make, and they come to Cularin in search of something with unique local flavor. What is that flavor? We leave it to you, the entrants.

No Place Like Home Adventure Summary
A freighter loaded with several different exotic cargoes explodes above Edic Bar just a week before the annual festival celebrating SoroSuub's Cannibalizer going into production. The combination of rare crystals, minerals, and gases contained in the freighter, mixed with the ichor exuded by the mull of cochlera that were flying near the freighter when it exploded, have changed the population of Edic Bar in fairly disturbing ways. The Force is strong here, but it is too easy, and those without discipline are accessing its powers. Something must be done. An adventure for Living Force heroes of levels 1 to 9.

The bars of Tolea Biqua will be serving the finest of beverages, doing their part in celebrating the Cannibalizer's anniversary. Perhaps more importantly, though, this year we have the chance to celebrate Cularin herself, her re-emergence from that non-place that hid us from view for so long, and we believe this to be a prime opportunity for a rediscovery of this wonderful system and all it has to offer. To that end, during the first and last nights of the celebration, all drinks will be courtesy of SoroSuub! We encourage you to come to Cularin and enjoy yourselves, for there is no finer place in all the galaxy.

Excursions are planned, weather permitting, into the clouds of Genarius. The storm at our previous celebration left many celebrants wary of the environment, fearing some level of hostility that we cannot and should not ascribe to this wonderful planet. We will offer tours of Edic Bar, Varna Biqua, and Friz Harammel, and there are rumors of local guides organizing tours of the area surrounding Nub Saar, though these would certainly not be sanctioned by SoroSuub. The abandoned city of Nub Saar, rumored for years to be inhabited by the spirits of those who perished in the great storms shortly after this first city of Genarius was constructed, is strictly off-limits to traffic, and it would not be in the best interests of anyone to risk life and limb to see such a place. SoroSuub would never involve itself in such ventures, but it is our responsibility to inform our likely patrons that such offers may be extended by individuals not affiliated with SoroSuub.

For those of you who worry about celebrating in such dangerous times, we can assure you that the finest of security forces have been retained to assist in protecting Tolea Biqua from anything untoward. Admiral Jir Tramsig of the Thaereian military has graciously offered troop support for the celebration, and while we have turned him down, the offer was certainly most kind. Security will be handled jointly through the Cularin Militia and several local private security firms. We at SoroSuub are committed to the safety and well-being of our guests and have spared no expense to make this the greatest celebration ever.

You will doubtless have questions about these events and the many other elements of our celebration. As is traditional, we will have the midnight flyover of the first of the Cannibalizers, followed by much debauchery and carousing. We have done away with the clothing-optional portions of the celebration as a result of the Wookiee-stripping incident of three years ago (or thirteen years ago, if you are not from Cularin). We remind you that the purpose of the celebration is joy, fun, and the chance to experience something new and exciting.

That is why the celebration has found its home on Tolea Biqua. And that is why SoroSuub is proud to continue to support it, after all these years.


Miim Te'Suub
Director of Formal Activities
SoroSuub Corporation -- Edic Bar

If you want to learn more about the Living Force campaign and how to take part in the adventure, this introduction will get you started.

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