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Ultimate Alien Anthology Web Enhancement

The Meerians and the Tchuukthai

"Sure," you say, "the Ultimate Alien Anthology gives us 180 sentient aliens, all playable as heroes or GM characters, but come on -- 182 would be so much better." Well, we agree, so we've cooked up this exclusive web enhancement with two new species that wouldn't fit in the Anthology: the Meerians and the Tchuukthai. It's even got all-new illustrations never seen anywhere else.

So, download the free file below, print it out, and stick the pages into your copy of the Ultimate Alien Anthology. And if you don't have the Anthology yet, don't worry -- it's on sale this month!

Download web enhancement! (286K PDF file)

You will need Adobe Acrobat® Reader® 5.1 to view this file. Download it here.

For more peeks at the Ultimate Alien Anthology, read this interview with Chris Perkins or sample our latest excerpt and browse the archive for more!

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