Population projections

Queensland’s future population 2008

This report presents the results of the 2008 series population projections and contains analysis of some of the implications of the projected future population growth, such as local variations in future population size and age structure. The appendixes to the report contain projections to 2031 for Queensland, statistical divisions, planning regions and local government areas (LGAs). Low, medium and high series projections are shown for reformed LGAs (based on the boundaries from March 2008). Medium series projections are available for pre-reformed LGAs (based on the boundaries prior to March 2008). Projected population by broad age groups for reformed LGAs is also available.

The following appendixes, contain historical statistics back to 1981 and projections to 2031 for pre-reformed and reformed LGAs:

TitleType and size
Queensland’s future population 2008  
Report pdf 1 MB
ERP 1981 – 2007 reformed LGAs (Appendix A)  Excel icon 168 KB
ERP 1981 – 2007 pre-reformed LGAs (Appendix B)  Excel icon 195 KB
Medium series 2006 – 2031 reformed LGAs (Appendix C) Excel icon 147 KB
Low series 2006 – 2031 reformed LGAs (Appendix D) Excel icon 148 KB
High series 2006 – 2031 reformed LGAs (Appendix E) Excel icon 148 KB
Medium series 2006 - 2031 pre-reformed LGAs (Appendix F) Excel icon 178 KB
Medium series broad age groups 2006 and 2031 reformed LGAs (Appendix G) Excel icon 175 KB
Regional planning project areas based on reformed LGA boundaries (Appendix H) Excel icon 131 KB
Regional planning project areas based on pre-reformed LGA boundaries (Appendix I) Excel icon 130 KB
Methodology (Appendix J) pdf  46 KB
Glossary (Appendix K) pdf  39 KB

Local government area age/sex population projections—2008 edition

The medium series of age/sex population projections (Excel icon 263 KB) are available for all reformed local government areas in Queensland. The projected population is shown by males and females for five year age groups, at five year intervals from 2006 through to 2031.

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