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Dynasty logo The Dynasty is a collective of three finnish bands: The Rasmus, Killer and Kwan, and their members are close friends. About nine of them have the same tattoo of Pauli and Lauri's.

Once, The Rasmus were number one in the Top 40 in Finland, Killer were number two and Kwan were number three.

In 2005 Pauli and Lauri founded the Dynasty Recordings, a studio and record label in Helsinki. At the moment the Dynasty Recordings produces Kwan, von Hertzen Brothers, Happiness and Mariko Pajalahti with her solo career.

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Killer Vocals and keyboards: Siiri Nordin
Bass: Timo Huhtala
Drums: Teijo Jämsä
Guitar: Tuomas "Tumppi" Norvio

The Killer were formed in 1999 in Helsinki, produced by Pauli and Lauri; their musical style is rock-pop, and one of the assets of the band is the fusion of different tastes of each member: Siiri (singer) has grown up with jazz & blues, Timo (bassist) with grunge, Tumppi (guitarist) with electronic music and Teijo (drummer) with funk & folk.

Their first single "Hurricane" was released in February 2001 in Finland. In August it was followed by "All I Want", a big hit in Finland and later that year they released the album "Sickeningly Pretty & Unpleasantly Vain".

Their second album, "Sure You Know How To Drive This Thing" was released in 2003, the album included the song "Naughty Boy" which was a big hit and one of the most played songs on radio that summer not only in Finland, but also in the rest of Scandinavia and Germany.

The 5 of February 2005, Timo announced an undetermined break of the band, specifying "This didn't include any great drama just normal things. First of all, we went five years in a row without a decent break so we ran out of ideas and energy. Second, we had different kinds of ideas about the direction Killer should be going, musically that is. Since we couldn't agree on this we couldn't continue".
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Siiri Nordin After the adventure with Killer, Siiri Nordin got her own way as a solo artist before with the song "Sydämeni Osuman Sai", included in the soundtrack of the finnish movie "Helmiä ja sikoja", then, after a long breack, with the debut album "Me Too", released in 2006 under the finnish record label Next Big Thing. The album presents a unique, sunny blend of pop, folk and jazz with perceptive lyrics.

This is the line-up of the band that followed Siiri both on the album recordings and the live performances:
Vocals and guitar: Siiri Nordin
Vocals: Aleksandra Babitzin
Bass: Mitja Tuurala
Drums: Reino Nordin
Guitar: Jussi Jaakonaho

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Photo by Nina Nordin


Kwan Vocals: Mariko Pajalahti and Tidjân Ba
Guitar: Antti Eräkangas
Bass: Kusti Kaukoniemi
Drums: Risto Rikala
Percussion and keyboards: Tatu Ferchen

Kwan were formed in 2000 from Pauli Rantasalmi's and Antti Eräkangas's idea to make an hip hop band. The original line-up included Aki at the drums, who let the role to Risto when he took part of The Rasmus.

The band's debut album "Dynasty" was released in 2001, sold platinum and the band won two Emma's, the finnish grammies.

The second album "The Die Is Cast", released in 2002, went double platinum, and Kwan worked hard and toured 'til summer 2003 without stop, getting another Emma.

After a short and needed break the band returned in 2004 with the cd "Love Beyond This World", which got gold, and included the hits "Unconditional Love" and "Decadence Of The Heart".

Their fourth album is called "Little Notes" and has been released in Finland on 22 March 2006 and the first single extracted was "Diamonds".

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Photo by Jere Hietala

Mariko In 2008 Mariko Pajalahti begun her solo career releasing her first album "Fabulous Tonight" on April 2nd.
Pauli Rantasalmi from The Rasmus has produced the album. He has also written the songs together with Mariko. Antti Eräkangas has mixed this forthcoming album.
The album has been recorded in Singapore and in Helsinki.
"Co-operation with Pauli was great! We both were able to pursuit our weirdest dreams on this album and it definitely reflects me as a person. People usually wants me to place the music on this record to some category. So let's just say it's 'crankdisco'. Decide yourself", says Mariko.

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Photo by Matti Pyykkö

  • Pauli and Lauri produced both Killer's albums.
  • Pauli co-produced all Kwan's albums.
  • Lauri duetted with Siiri in a special version of the song "All I Want", contained in Killer's single "Fire".
  • Lauri&Siiri sang together with Mariko and Tidjân in the song "Chillin At The Grotto", contained in Kwan's album "The Die Is Cast".
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