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Red Faction: Guerrilla breaks E3

Red Faction: Guerrilla breaks E3

Red Faction: Guerrilla breaks a lot of things. Buildings, bridges, walls, cars, trucks, smokestacks, monuments, people movers, mining derricks, power plants, you name it. Something else Red Faction: Guerrilla breaks is E3.

Okay, "broke" might be a bit too strong a term. But it certainly presents new challenges to my willing suspension of disbelief. After over twenty hours of playing time with a game so shrewdly built around the idea of breakable objects, it's a bit strange to see demos of other games where rockets bounce harmlessly off buildings and trucks don't plow through houses they hit. It's like going back to black-and-white TV, a big clunky iPod, or manual steering.

For example, during a demo of the impressive-looking Just Cause 2, you're supposed to fly a helicopter to a casino formed by two high-rise buildings. A sky bridge stretches between the buildings. Someone is trapped in the middle of the sky bridge, and you have to save him from attackers coming from both sides. Naturally, during the demo, the producer hovered along the sky bridge and fired rockets at the guys stepping onto it to attack the guy in the middle.

Until as recently as a week ago, I wouldn't think anything of this. But Red Faction: Guerrilla had conditioned me to expect the rockets will shatter the ends of the sky bridge and send it plummeting down to the ground, where it will break into a hundred chunks of concrete and jagged rebar, killing the guy I'm supposed to protect. Instead, some glass shattered and that was it.

This happened constantly at E3 during demos of action games. Why doesn't that explosion level that wall? How come those grenades don't knock over that watchtower? Why is your tank unable to simply roll through that buidling? For a game so good at tearing things down, there's a lovely bit of irony in the fact that Red Faction: Guerrilla also raises the bar.

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Tom, stop using the "dingus" pseudonym to complement yourself. The real Dingus would never be up that late on an of...More »


By GSaw at 8:41 AM ON 06/04/09

Just got it yesterday! That game is such a blast!

By Aeon221 at 12:06 PM ON 06/04/09

Dear Tom,

My brother has occupied the TV and won't share, all because of Red Faction. What should I do about this situation?

--Jealous in Atlanta

By unangbangkay at 12:09 PM ON 06/04/09

I know, right? It just feels, off now when I can't break a hole through a wall to get to what I want.

That said, I'm not about to let it get in the way of my enjoying existing, less destructible games.

By walTer at 2:09 PM ON 06/04/09

Dear Jealous in Atlanta,

Sorry, but there is probably nothing you can

By FlyinJ at 3:36 PM ON 06/04/09

I just had the -exact- conversation with co-workers after watching the Just Cause 2 demo yesterday. After putting 6 hours into RF2, it felt really off that none of the buildings were taking damage or collapsing.

I think we're moving into a new era where full destructability will be the norm... much like the watershed moment of physics-based objects strewn around the environments of Half Life 2.

By Marcin at 4:31 PM ON 06/04/09

I'm still at the point in the game where I'm torn between glee and disbelief that things happen as they happen. Especially when they land on my head as they explosively deconstruct.

Fortunately for Just Cause 2, it has Magic Parachute(TM) and Magic Grapple (TM), so the focus will savely swing away (ahha) towards that.

Other games have no such recourse. We're doomed.

By dingus at 2:26 AM ON 06/05/09

Great post Tom. I love that last line, in particular.

By Steiner at 5:55 PM ON 06/05/09

Tom, stop using the "dingus" pseudonym to complement yourself. The real Dingus would never be up that late on an off-Thursday...

It was a good last line though. It makes up for the miss-opportunity in one of your comments by using the trite expression "shooting fish in a barrel". Oh, and for misspelling Red Sox hero Schilling's name...

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