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Press Release (27 October 2005)


Report on the Manipulation of the Oil-for-Food Programme (27 October 2005)


Cover and Table of Contents (110 KB)

Chapter I - Summary of the Report on Manipulation (605 KB)

Chapter II - Oil Transactions and Illicit Payments (5.5 MB)

Chapter III - Humanitarian Goods Transactions and Illicit Payments (5.4 KB)

Chapter IV - The Escrow Bank and Conflicting Interests (443 KB)

Chapter V - The Inspection Companies (1.3 MB)

Chapter VI - Issues Relating to Activities of Humanitarian Coordinators (240 KB)

Chapter VII - Review of Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali Bank Accounts  (125 KB)

Appendices (3.0 MB)


The complete Report is also available as a single file (16 MB)


Committee Tables  (27 October 2005)

Explanation of Committee Tables (67KB)

Table I - Oil Allocations and Sales Summary by Contracting Company (115KB)

Table II - Oil Sales Summary by Contracting Company and Contract (200KB)

Table III - Summary of Oil Sales by Non-Contractual Beneficiary (220KB)

Table IV - Known Underlying Oil Financiers (160KB)

Table V - Surcharge Payments Associated with a Contracting Company (739KB)

Table VI - Humanitarian Goods Purchased by the Government of Iraq by Supplier (895KB)

Table VII - Actual and Projected Illicit Payments on Contracts for Humanitarian Goods-Summary by Supplier (847KB)

Table VIII - Actual and Projected Illicit Payments on Contracts for Humanitarian Goods - Summary by Supplier and Contract (2.2MB)

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