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The AHDS and its work with Resource Discovery Metadata

As part of its remit to preserve and disseminate digital resources, the AHDS creates or enhances collection-level records in order to aid their discovery. This part of the website contains documentation relating to this aspect of the AHDS' work.

The AHDS also offers advice to digital resource creators on the use of metadata. Advice documents written by the AHDS are available in this section of the website.

for information on metadata in moving images and sound please have a look at our reports on the subject.

AHDS Metadata is run by the AHDS Executive with input from the AHDS subject centres

Repositories and portals are struggling to provide resource discovery metadata for the rapidly growing number of new digital resources. Without it, resources remain hidden and unused and much of the original investment is wasted. At the moment the AHDS is investigating Metadata Generation Tools to find out if those could provide vital help to data creators.

For more information about the project please see the project information website

Describing Collections Held by the AHDS - Documents

The AHDS Common Metadata Framework (version 2.0) has been developed by the AHDS as an AHDS-wide descriptive (resource discovery) metadata schema for collections from all the relevant subject areas in the AHDS Collections Policy (archaeology, performing arts, history etc.). CMF records are held in the AHDS Repository as XML documents and are made available in the AHDS catalogue. The CMF has been designed to ensure consistent searching and description of AHDS resources at deposit level.

Older Documents relating to AHDS Metadata