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This page is no longer updated, it represents the status on 31st March 2008
The AHDS and the British Academy
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Help provided by the AHDS for British Academy applicants and award-holders


Since May 2004, The British Academy and the Arts and Humanities Data Service have updated the agreement as relating to the development and archiving of digital resources created by British Academy award holders. You can find out more about digital resources and the work of the Arts and Humanities Data Service on this website's About Us pages

This agreement means that:

  • The AHDS will provide advice to BA applicants and award-holders on the creation, management and preservation of digital resources
  • British Academy award holders are required, as a condition of award, to offer digital material for deposit with the AHDS

Advice provided by the AHDS

The AHDS offers numerous sources of advice for those creating or developing a digital resource for teaching or research in the arts and humanities.

BA applicants and those applying to other funding bodies are strongly recommended to attend one of the AHDS Digitisation Workshops, designed for those completing technical parts within funding applications.

The AHDS has a dedicated advice team to respond to particular questions you may have. Many questions can be answered by a variety of information for those planning and developing digital resources. This includes

Depositing with the AHDS

Those completing projects with funding from the British Academy are required to offer any significant digital resource for deposit with the AHDS. In some cases the AHDS may have scope for waiving this deposit or declining deposits on technical grounds.

The British Academy and the AHDS are currently writing an agreement stipulating the details of this arrangement more fully.

More information on depositing can be found on the Depositing pages of the AHDS website. There is also a specialist advice team for those who want to discuss deposit options in greater depth.