A conversation with film director Sam Mendes

with Sam Mendes
in Movies, TV & Theater
on Friday, June 5, 2009 * * * * *


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A conversation with film director Sam Mendes about the film "Away We Go"

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    1. carriesheridan  06/10/2009 11:56 PM Report

      sam mendes is a film god - i will admire him always for American Beauty - my life is better for having spent time watching his work and letting it affect me - while everyone is so fast and furiously chasing The Good Life - sam mendes reminds us all to have A Sweet Life - never more than the cautionary tales of AB and Revolutionary Road - and in Away We Go, we get to hang out with a bunch of people who KNOW that the Best Things In Life Are Free and Good And True and Simple and Ordinary... and wonderful, magical - those are the things we will remember and rejoice in ALL THE DAYS of our lives - he must feel he is singlehandedly trying to tweak The Industry to pivot from where we've been and how we've been entertaining paying customers to inviting them into sharing a worthwhile couple of hours that will stay with us after it's all over - Enough Already with the car chases and gratuitious sex scenes and onto how life is when one man and one woman love each other forever and always and they're having a baby and want to make a true home for themselves and for this new life - WHAT IS COOLER THAN THAT, i ask you - go see Away We Go and then buy it when it comes out on dvd - it is a Road movie - the Road To Happiness.

    2. JasonYan  06/08/2009 10:58 PM Report

      can someone please help me i cant find the books he talked about "Interview with great directors" please help me

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