Genus: Ludodactylus Frey, Martill & Buchy, 2003

Etymology: "play pterosaur"

Type species: L. sibbicki

Other Species: none

Diagnosis: See type species.

Classification: Ornithocheiridae

Species: L. sibbicki Frey, Martill & Buchy, 2003

Etymology: "for John Sibbick"

Holotype: SMNK PAL 3828 — A skull with associated plant and fish remains, (Frey, Martill & Buchy, 2003)

Referred Specimens: none

Time: Aptian, Early Cretaceous

Horizon: Nova Olinda Member, Crato Formation

Location: Chapada do Araripe region, Ceará, Brazil

Skull length: >66 cm

Total length: ?

Wingspan: ?

Mass: ?

Diagnosis: Ludodactylus sibbicki is an ornithocheirid pterosaur that differs from other members of the group at present comprising the genera Ornithocheirus, Coloborhynchus, and Anhanguera (Unwin, 2001) in the following diagnostic characters: the posession of a caudally dirested, laterally compressed parieto-occipital crest; presence of a dorsoventrally compressed lacrimal spine (spina lacrimalis) protruding caudally into the orbit; lacrimal foramen rounded triangular in outline with one corner facing ventrally; teeth of maxilla present caudally as far as mid-point of nasoantorbital fenestra; dorsal surface of rostrum rounded with no trace on any crest; tooth row of mandible extends caudally to the rostral fourth of nasoantorbital fenestra. this specimen is coincident with Ornithocheirus in almost prependicular orientation of the rostralmost four pairs of teeth to the long axis of the jaws, at least in lateral view, which according to Unwin (2001), is diagnotsic for that genus. However, Ludodactylus differs from all other species within the Ornithocheiridae, inculding Ornithocheirus, in lacking a premaxillary crest (see also Unwin 2001, p. 205). The dorsal surface of the rostrum of Ludodactylus is rounded. A blade-like occipital crest is reported from neither Ornithocheirus nor any other ornithocheirid pterosaur. (Frey, Martill & Buchy, 2003)


Frey, E., Martill, D., and Buchy, M., 2003, A new crested ornithocheirid from the Lower Cretaceous of northeastern Brazil and the unusual death of an unusual pterosaur: In: Evolution and Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs, edited by Buffetaut, E., and Mazin, J.-M., Geological Society Special Publication, n. 217, p. 56-63.

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