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Queer, Fighting, Performance Artist.

Queer Bait

...the official home page of Syd Blakovich.

Genres, sub-genres, keywords, and categories constructed houses of language and commerce, prisons and schools. Sex too is a language, perhaps one we have vacated the meaning from and fill it with the zest and zeal, commercialism spikes saccrine and sugar for our sweet tooth and cavity addled minds. There's something beautiful about this card house, house of mirrors, fun house, circus. I like illusions and the naseating whirlwind of this ferrous wheel of spinning lights and colors.

We take power and play combining the two to form our own colloquialisms and dialects.


(If you have a problem with nudity and/or you're under 18, go away!)


Champion Love Hurts
Champion: Love Hurts
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Crash Pad Series Vol. 3
Crash Pad Series Vol. 3: Through the Keyhole
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