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The Hidden Agenda of The Order of the Mustard Seed

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Mishel Montague

Peter Grieg of the 24-7 Prayer Movement, an international, ecumenical movement laced with Gnostic, New-Age, and Contemplative spirituality, is reviving the 17th century mystical Masonic Order of the Mustard Seed.  Recruited members are required to take a life-long vow of commitment to the Order and the outward sign of this commitment is to be symbolized with a ring or tattoo. [1] The Order of the Mustard Seed was originally a secret order started by Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf and is listed in “The History of Freemasonry” by Albert G Mackey as being a long dormant Masonic Order. Greig claims he was inspired to resurrect the order by the 18th century Moravian renewal and the life of Count Zinzendorf. Understanding the significance of the resurrection of this order and of the overall resurgence in the interest in Zinzendorf is key to understanding the state of the apostate church and where it’s headed.


The self proclaimed Apostles and Prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation, embrace a world-view by which they fancy themselves God’s Champions. They believe in, and are striving towards, bringing Heaven to Earth through a take-over of the world’s systems which will place them in control through a hierarchical grid of world wide apostolic networks. Interestingly enough, it is these same apostles and prophets that appear to possess such rabid fascination with Zinzendorf and the Moravians.  Why, are so many of those who champion a world wide ecumenical movement, so enraptured by the Moravians?  Why do the Moravians wield this kind of influence over this “New Breed” of Christian “emerging” in today’s post modern church world? It is curious that the same ones who claim God is doing a NEW thing would be so enraptured by a man who died 300 years ago. 

In order to understand the horrific significance of the resurrection of this Order and the overall draw of Zinzendorf’s Moravianism, it is first imperative to understand the history of the movement and how it fits together with the stringent social and political agenda of today’s self-proclaimed Apostles.


The Moravians were a Gnostic sect that was founded in 1457 in what is today’s Czech Republic. They were an offshoot of the Bohemian Brethren but in 1467 they constituted themselves a church, thereby severing themselves from their association with the National Bohemian Church. Bohemia is a historic region in central Europe which occupied two thirds of today’s Czech Republic. It is bordered by, Poland, Austria, and the Czech historical region of Moravia. [3]


In Bohemia and Moravia, the Moravian sect grew rapidly to about 400 congregations in the early 16th century. The Lutheran movement in Germany brought attempts to unite the Moravians under the Lutheran denomination however the Calvinistic reformation saw the Moravians align more in its favor. When the anti-reformation ensued, merciless persecution by the Catholics, extinguished most of the Protestants in Bohemia and completely wiped out the Moravians in Bohemia. However, a few of the Moravian families held on in the region of Moravia. In 1722, they left their homes, land and belongings and journeyed to Germany in search of religious freedom.   By invitation they settled on the estate of Count Ludwig Von Zinzendorf and eventually built a town there called Herrnhut. [3]


The New Church settlement initially went back to its Bohemian roots, however Zinzendorf who eventually settled among them was Lutheran and an agreement was eventually reached between the Bohemian and Lutheran factions. [4] It is my opinion after reading several modern historical accounts and other accounts written by Zinzendorf’s contemporaries that the Count may have started off with sound doctrine. However reports from the community at Herrnhut from eye witness accounts in historical records, indicate that they most certainly did not retain orthodox doctrine as the settlement evolved. [5]




Zinzendorf was a Rosicrucian. In late medieval Germany, the Rosicrucian’s were a secret society of mystics holding a doctrine built on esoteric truths, and “secret doctrines” of the ancient past. They believed that these secret mystical truths were concealed from the average man, and reserved for an elite few. [6] Much like today’s New Apostolic Reformers, these mystics sought a universal Reformation of Mankind. Many modern esoteric orders and secret societies are said to draw in part or in whole on the Rosicrucian’s philosophies.   Zinzendorf was head of the Rose Croix (Rosicrucian) from 1744-1749. [7] In fact Masonic dictionaries list a category called Moravian Masonry which was founded in 1939 called the Confraternity of Moravian Brothers of the Order of the Religious Freemasons. An alternative order was the Order of the Grain of Mustard Seed which itself originated in 1922 through Count Zinzendorf. Members of the Order wore a ring on which was inscribed in Latin “no one of us lives for himself” Its purpose was for the extension of the Kingdom of Heaven through Masonic Channels. [2] Although he sought to build a Kingdom on earth, it most certainly had nothing to do with the God of the Bible.




The newly revised Order of the Mustard Seed encourages inductees to diligently prepare for taking the vow by co-joining themselves to a community of other like-minded vow-takers. Those in the preparation stage leading up to the taking of the vow, join with others who are likewise in preparation. These fellow vow-takers encourage and support one another in their journey towards full inclusion into the order.  The lead up to the day of the vow-taking day is compared in anticipatory importance to the preparation for ones wedding vows.  They have chosen to call the Order’s supportive communities of vow-takers, Cymbrogi. [1] Below you will see the description of these communities in their own vernacular.


“We have adopted the ancient Celtic word Cymbrogi meaning ‘companions of the heart’ to describe the communities that are emerging, gathered around the Zinzendorf story and the vows of the Mustard Seed Order…… Cymbrogi are more than acquaintances – they are covenant companions, life-friends, brothers and sisters in arms.” [8]


Cymbrogi is an ancient Celtic word and is pronounced koom-BRO-gee. The purveyors of this “Order” claim the word simply means companions of the heart, however, Cymbrogi can also mean “Sword Brothers” and I suspect this definition is more in line with their intended meaning.


“It has been variously translated along the lines of "fellow countrymen", "companions of the heart", and the one that best captures our intent, "sword brothers". In this context, a sword brother is one who has covenanted to stand with his comrades in battle for noble causes and who would gladly forfeit his life for his brother in arms [9]


Curiously enough, the Arthurian legend refers to the brotherhood of knights committed to Arthur, as Cymbrogi. It is intriguing in light of the avid fascination some Dominionists have with the Arthurian legend. The connection between the use of the word in the Arthurian legend and the use of the word among those resurrecting the ancient Order of the Mustard Seed is more than likely not coincidence.


"Cymbrogi, he calls us: companions of the heart, fellow-countrymen.
Cymbrogi! We are his strong arm, his shield and spear, his blade and helm. We are the blood in his veins, the hard sinew of his flesh, the bone beneath the skin. We are the breath in his lungs, the clear light in his eyes, and the song rising to his lips. We are the meat and drink at his board. Cymbrogi! We are earth and sky to him. And Arthur is all these things to us - and more.”[10]




The website for the “Order of the Mustard Seed” prominently displays a famous quote from Frodo, the main character in Tolkien’s Novel, Lord of the Rings.  Lord of the Rings, as most of you will no doubt be aware was later made into an epic and award- winning film.


"I will take the ring, though I do not know the way..." (Frodo) [11]


It is curious to me why the procurators of this Order would choose this quote. In the movie Lord of the Rings, the ring is clearly evil and the seat of its power is called Mount Doom. At the moment when the main character Frodo feels as though he's finally mastered the Ring, the Ring takes complete and utter mastery of him turning his will into its.





In researching the resurrection of this Order, I happened across a website entitled, The Mustard Seed Associates. The Mustard Seed Associates are those who have embraced the lifestyle and philosophy of the Mustard Seed Order.  Curiously enough they describe themselves as the “New Conspirators.” They explain that when a church lives in isolation, it cuts itself off from “God’s Conspiracy.” What, you may ask, is God’s conspiracy? It is a conspiracy to refashion the world and craft a new global community. While I can agree that it is certainly a conspiracy, I must disagree that the conspiracy has anything whatsoever to do with God.


The website prominently displayed a book for which the undiscerning could exchange their cash for the Gnostic New Age agenda of the “New Conspirators.”  The book was entitled, appropriately enough, “The New Conspirators: Creating the World One Mustard Seed at a Time.” I have included its synopsis below.


“In The New Conspirators, Tom Sine helps us to think critically and creatively about the world we’ve inherited and the global community we’re crafting: strained schedules and divided loyalties, the rising cost of housing, emerging political and economic realities, the plight of the global poor, the vulnerability of the environment. He then shares stories of churches and ministries that have planted hope in these troubled soils. With inimitable insight and delight, Sine commissions this mustard seed generation to refashion the world according to God’s great vision.” [12]


Notice, it is this new Mustard Seed Generation who is going to refashion the world and craft a new global community, not God! These words take on a new and ominous meaning when you consider that they are committed Dominionists who believe they are mandated to dominate and subdue the earth using whatever means necessary. Perhaps it will be clearer now that the term “sword brothers” does in fact belie their true mission. Theirs is an aggressive geo-political and social agenda to unite all faiths and refashion the world. There will be a world church that unites around Christ; unfortunately it will be the Anti-Christ.




 Dominionists possess a radical socio-political agenda, and like a well oiled military machine, they are well organized and their network vast. Their ultimate socio-political goal is a One World Church and a New World Order. They believe they will go forth like a vast army, yielded to the authority of the New Apostles, and conquer the world’s Kingdoms’ for Christ to usher in the millennial reign. These Kingdoms consist of all social and political institutions and those who do not wish to be ruled will be slaughtered. With the world under their complete dominion they will hand over the reigns to Christ so that He may return to earth. However, the Bible makes it clear that at the time of Christ’s return, the earth will be in complete and utter chaos and His return will prevent what would otherwise be the complete annihilation of the earth, in the Great Tribulation. This doctrine of Dominionism makes the Church the Savior, and not Jesus Christ. Christ alone can, and will, institute God’s rule on earth.


Many Dominionists believe that the Church IS Christ and that Christ will literally be incarnated within the church to enable it to take control and evolve to the next level. This is of course hand in hand with what New Ager’s, Gnostics, Cabalists, and Secret Societies, believe. The New Ager’s teach that we are converging towards an “Omega Point” whereby man’s collective consciousness will unify and be transformed or transubstantiated into Christ. Let me boil that down for you into something easily digestible. They believe and teach that we will become God. They term this the Christ Consciousness, yet it has nothing to do with the Christ of the Bible. They believe and teach that Jesus was merely a man tuned into the highest range of consciousness and vibrational frequency they call the “Glory of Oneness.” At this level, they teach, one has the most enLIGHTenment. As a man, Jesus was able to access this level and thus it is called the Christ Consciousness. The New Ager’s insist that as mankind unifies, we will collectively reach the omega point and a quantum leap in evolution will occur where by we will all access this higher consciousness and become Christ. They believe that man’s collective consciousness is essentially moving towards a glorious pinnacle and evolving into Godhood. This is not what Scripture teaches. Scripture teaches that we are collectively moving towards the opposite; social un- rest, the collapse of world systems, and the Anti-Christ.

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As a Moravian, I find this

As a Moravian, I find this article offensive and poorly put together. Moravians are not Nazi-fundamentalist-Doministic weirdos whose main goal is to take over the world. Moravians are not descended from the Gnostics. Moravians are not conspiring to awaken the Anti-Christ. And no, "information gleaned from the order of the mustard seed" is not a reference. "Information gleaned" is interpretation. is a reference. When one says "This fact can be easily verified through historic literature" it is useful to say which historic literature. Saying "A simple online search is enough to prove this fact to even the most ardent skeptic." is pointless and misleading, as one should never believe everything on the internet- a precaution that is taught now in elementary school. The Lord of the Ring quote is true, as is the explanation that the Ring is evil. However, if you look at the movie (or read the books), Frodo says "I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way" because of his bravery and his willingness to take on the task given to him, despite the fact that it could kill him. He obviously does not take the Ring in order to be corrupted by it. In conclusion, this article is useless and paranoid.

All of my sources are listed.

All of my sources are listed.  I did not say that the Moravians were Nazi-fundamentalist-Dominionistic weirdos - those are your words.  I was making the point that today’s Dominionists are captivated by Zinzendorf and the community at Herrenhut.  Furthermore I did not say that today's Moravians are involved in any such conspiracy to "Awaken the Anti-Christ."  My guess is this is the first time you have visited this site and have no idea what this site is devoted to- you have taken offense because you believe that I am equating today's Moravians with this group of people known as the NAR or New Apostolic Reformation.  I do not know what today's Moravians teach or preach and thus have no opinion one way or another HOWEVER; the Moravian Community at Herrenhut which Zinzendorf led WAS Gnostic and mystical.   This information WAS NOT gleaned from the internet but has been studied extensively using a variety of well documented textbooks written by qualified sources.  Do your own research, by all means; I have always encouraged folks to do just that. 
Since the Article was to expose the Order of the Mustard Seed (which has nothing to do with the modern day Moravians) getting information from the Order's own website would be the appropriate place to get information, would you not agree?  I thank you for warning me not to believe everything that is written on the internet, however, I have 8 yrs of post secondary education, 4 yrs of which were spend at a world class institution. I say this only to point out that I am more than aware of what a "credible source" is. You may not like or agree with my conclusions and that is ok. 
Also, the fact that Frodo did not take the ring in order to be corrupted by it was EXACTLY the point I was making

good information!

good information!

Mishel, At first read, I can


At first read, I can see where Seraphim has drawn a few of the conclusions. The article does come off as harsh on Moravians as a whole. This was confusing to me as well since it was Wesley who had such a positive encounter with a group of Moravians and their worship that inspired him and influenced Methodism. Of course, we are aware of counterfeits in different groups and it sounds like this group with Zinzendorf wasn't theologically sound.

Also, I am WELL aware of the Dominionist agenda and thank you for your research and warning here on your blog. I think what would also be great to see is not only the exposure (which is awesome), but an encouragement to those visiting that although there IS a deception in the church, this is just a sign of end times and that Christ is ALWAYS sovereign regardless of the deception.

I think it will be further

I think it will be further clarified in part two- this was originally one large article but the second part needs additional research so I decieded to release the first half. The part about Wesley will be addressed as well.  From the texts I have read Wesley and Zinzendorf parted ways with a less than favorable opinion of each other. Zinzendorf was into mysticism and so was the community at Herrenhut. Does this mean that we can paint all moravians with the same brush?  Certainly not, I have not studied modern day Moravians  or even other historic communities of Moravians and can not say with certaintly what the believe.

Thought you might want to

Thought you might want to take a look at this:

Scholar Marsha Schuchard has much information about the Moravian brethren and Zinzendorf, their mystical-sexual antinomianism, relations with the Rosicrucians and Kabbalistic Sabbateans, the Asiatic Brethren, Swedenborg, and alchemy.

Oh that was encouraging-

Oh that was encouraging- thanks for the link.  That is exactly the information I have been finding and it will be explored in part two.  This arthur mentions the book Mrs Blake Cried .. I ran into that book during my studies and it really illuminates what they were up to.  Thank you for the link I appreciate it.

Mishel, I also read that

Mishel, I also read that linked article in Terry's post. I only heard of those names here and there. It was quite a shock to read of their sensuality linked to Christian spirituality. In reality though, their doctrines and manifestations were not spiritual, but soulish. Their practice of "sex love" to enter into altered states of consciousness in which visions and ecstasy result is truly the doctrine of demons.

The use of intense (Kabbalistic) meditation on Hebrew letters combined with these attempts at sex/altered states was also quite shocking. The connection to Indian Tantric mysticism seemed quite appropriate for their pursuits. Their blasphemous doctrines concerning God, the Cherubim and the Shekinah was chilling. To realize they taught such things is a horror. Iniquity means "to take that which is straight and twist it." They were so convinced of their divine revelations that they nullified the word of God by encouraging mistresses for the singles and concubines for the married. I'm sure that there are many "Mrs. Blakes" crying.

The state of near madness experienced by Swedenborg and Blake too, seems quite fitting since they were both iniquitous and were receiving due recompense for their perversions. Even more so now in Hades. They have to bear the knowledge forever of those naive people who followed their sensuality and joined them in eternity.

God has forever banned sinful man from Paradise and there is simply no way to beat the system. Combining sex with paranormal ecstasy is a vain attempt to reenter that preternatural world in an end run around the Cherubim with the flaming sword. With all their high-sounding philosophy it reduces down to simple "loving pleasure more than God." Their invasion was a serious threat to the Church. God help those who are caught up in these vain, sensual philosophies.

The Cross of Jesus was God's way of our returning to Paradise. By faith in Him and by the power of the Spirit, we put to death our unrestrained passions and evil desires. Jesus will grant eternal access to the Tree of life again to His own in the resurrection, after this world system and its lusts have passed away. We will enjoy the pleasures at His right hand forever in uncorrupted bodies, when there is no danger of us experiencing madness or impure obsessions. It certainly is worth the wait.

Alright, I'm confused.

Alright, I'm confused. Please- tell me what exactly you are trying to say. Try to say it simpley and without vague refrences.

Seraphim: Who are you

Who are you replying to, me or Mishel?

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