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Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Moravian Wallachia
The northernmost part of the Zlín Region, the marvellous Moravian Walachia, abounds in as much MAGIC OF DIVERSITY as other parts of the region. The imaginary border of the region is the northern foothills of Hostýnské vrchy and continues south-east of Vsetín along Čertovy skály as far as the Slovakian border. In the north-east, it crosses the border of the Moravskoslezský Region, which leads along the ridge of Moravskoslezské Beskydy. Radhošť, Pustevny and Čartak are ideal places where we can begin our virtual tour of Wallachia.

Kromeriz The Region of Kroměříž
The tourist area of the region of Kroměříž stretches along the border between the Zlín Region and the Olomouc Region and is another natural connection of Moravian Slovakia, the Zlín Region, Wallachia and the fertile flats of Haná. The city of bishops and archbishops, Kroměříž, is the ancient centre of this area. You will find ineffaceable traces of building development activities of several generations of top Roman Catholic officers all around the place. No matter from which direction you approach the city, the roads and streets will always take you to one of the city's marvellous squares - Sněmovní, Masarykovo, Stojanovo, Hanácké or Riegrovo - which will always send you to the city's most beautiful square, Velké náměstí. It is truly large, surrounded by splendid citizens’ houses with archways that are laced by dozens of small shops, cafes, galleries, comfortable restaurants and cosy pubs.

Velehrad To Moravian Slovakia
One of the Czech Republic's most distinct regions. Its unique character stems from its long and rich history, incredibly strong and beautiful traditions as well as its folklore, which is as picturesque as the Moravian Slovakian folk costumes and songs that have the power to make you merry or bring tears to your eyes - and there are some songs that do both - and the abundant traditional cuisine, which, together with local wine and slivovice, create a true "Torrent of Flavours and Pictures”.

Luhačovice The areas of Zlín and Luhačovice
Hostýnské vrchy, Vizovická vrchovina, the ridges of the White Carpathians as well as the course of the Morava River are the natural boundaries of the areas of Zlínsko and Luhačovické Zálesí, which are the most attractive for tourism. This area boats a pleasant climate, plenty of historical buildings as well as modern architectonic complexes, spas and several unique natural localities. This area is ideal for active holidays, relaxation and leisure activities, but it also offers plenty of cultural events.

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