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YouTube APIs and Tools

How do I start?

  1. Read the Getting Started Guide.
  2. Browse the Application Gallery and view Sample Code.
  3. Get community support. Join our community and participate in our discussion group.
  4. Ready to start coding? Read the developer documentation for the Data API, the player APIs, or the chromeless player.

YouTube APIs Overview Video

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What are the YouTube APIs and Tools?

YouTube on any screen, any time. The YouTube APIs and Tools enable you to integrate YouTube's video content and functionality into your website, software application, or device.

Data API

The Data API lets you incorporate YouTube functionality into your own application or website. You can perform searches, upload videos, create playlists, and more.

Player APIs

The Player APIs give you control over YouTube video playback on your website. Configure basic settings, drive the player interface, or even build your own player controls.

Custom Player

The Custom Player takes you a step beyond just pasting a video into your site. Anyone can easily configure the custom player to show playlists, favorites, or their own videos.


Widgets are simple page elements you can embed in your website to give it YouTube functionality. Add a strip of videos or allow your users to perform a video search just by adding some JavaScript to your page.