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June 21, 2009, 03:25:05 AM

Simple Machines Forum

What is SMF?

SMF illustrations

Simple Machines Forum — SMF in short — is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.

Its powerful custom made template engine puts you in full control of the lay-out of your message board and with our unique SSI - or Server Side Includes - function you can let your forum and your website interact with each other.

SMF is written in the popular language PHP and uses a MySQL database. It is designed to provide you with all the features you need from a bulletin board while having an absolute minimal impact on the resources of the server. SMF is the next generation of forum software - and best of all it is and will always remain completely free!

"Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth" — Archimedes

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Latest news

Simple Machines adds team dedicated to internationalization
From the start, Simple Machines Forum has been made by many people around the globe and has been translated and supported in many languages. The software has always been developed with localization...
SMF 1.1.9 and 2.0 RC1-1 released
Simple Machines announces the release of SMF 1.1.9 and 2.0 RC1-1, addressing a few vulnerabilities found in SMF 1.1.8 and 2.0 RC1. We strongly recommend that all users upgrade as soon as possible.
Server Maintenance Friday, 05/15/09
Hey guys, just a heads up about some upcoming server maintenance.

Tomorrow, 05/15/09, beginning around 10:00AM EDT, we will be migrating our servers to a new rack in a different building a few mil...
New SQL Server
Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone an update on the site status.

We have just completed migrating our SQL databases to a brand new box. The new machine is a 2.5GHz 8 core machine with 12GB of ...
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