Beyonce @ Madison Square Garden, 6.21.09

Beyonce at Madison Square Garden   Beyonce has finally sorted out her split personality.
   Feeding both the flashy hip-hop side and the sensitive balladeer is something she has struggled with since stepping out of Destiny's Child and out on her own.
   It came to a head on last year's "I Am... Sasha Fierce" double album, but it wasn't until her Madison Square Garden show last night, the first on the American leg of her world tour, that she integrated them both successfully. (She plays the Garden again tonight.)
   See, Sasha Fierce has the booty roll in "Crazy in Love," which featured hubby Jay-Z who got a response so loud his verses were lost in the roar. She has the "Freakum Dress" and the trapeze act during "Baby Boy" on her side.
   Can balladeer Beyonce compete with just her big ol' voice? Well, she spices things up during the ballads now -- assembling a wedding gown onstage for "Ave Maria" and throwing Alanis Morrissette's "You Oughta Know" into "If I Were a Boy."
   It's no big surprise, after all, "Irreplaceable," which infuses.a Beyonce ballad with Sasha Fierce-ness is her biggest success. On Sunday night, she didn't even have to sing a word, as the female-dominated crowd easily carried the song through the second verse, complete with arm-pointing "To the left, to the left." Another combination was equally impressive -- as she proved that hot choreography and strong vocals don't have to be mutually exclusive in a two-hour-plus show. No worries of lip-synching here, though there is a mix of videos of her singing to give her time for her numerous costume changes, including the 20-foot dress that falls away during her trapeze act.
   Beyonce is an amazing, unique dance-pop and hip-hop artist, arguably the best around, as "Diva" and "Radio" showed. She's only a good balladeer, though she continues to improve, as her powerful take on a stripped-back "At Last" proved.
   Though cultivating this dual-personality thing may be as much about marketing as it is about her musical tastes, putting them back together has made Beyonce an even stronger performer. Not only is she irreplaceable, but now Beyonce may be unstoppable, too.

SETLIST: Crazy in Love (featuring Jay-Z) / Naughty Girl / Freakum Dress / Get Me Bodied / Smash Into You / Ave Maria / Broken-Hearted Girl / If I Were A Boy / Sweet Dreams / Diva / Radio / Me, Myself and I / Ego / Hello / Baby Boy / Irreplaceable / Medley: Check On It/Bootylicious/Bug A Boo/Jumpin’ Jumpin’ / Upgrade U / Video Phone / Medley: Say My Name/Independent Woman/Bills, Bills, Bills/No, No, No/Survivor / At Last / Listen / Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) / Halo

PHOTO: Beyonce at Madison Square Garden Sunday night (Getty Images Photo)

Beyonce photo gallery from MSG

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Well I agree the Show at the Garden had many interesting facets and allowed
Beyonce to showcase many of her talents; but the sound mixer should have been relieved after the first song...he may not have had extensive experience or just simply did not do his homework. A 'sound-check"

Anyone who knows anything about audio-engineering knows that the best db range is between 40db- 60db.There are times however when you go beyond this range but last evening's event at the Madison Square Garden was at a " s h r i l l " level and at times during the performance had to hold my ears.

This simply was bad engineering or technical imperfections; but this did create an totally unprofessional sound. There were many of the songs when you could not understand any of the words. I personally feel that if Sasha Fierce' was in Beyonce's audience she would have "bitched-slapped" the engineer and had him replaced.

During the performance when Ms Fierce was on the 'center' stage and was speaking with a young man from the audience, wearing a red shirt asking " what is my name?" and he did not give the reply she expected she you're " PISSIN me off now, just answer the question. I can not help but ponder what Ms Fierce would have asked the " sound engineer".

I applaud Ms Knowles for a great performance and production. I only hope that she or a member of her team pay closer attention to the sound and hire a competent and capable engineer. Perhaps one with an FCC license and formal training...

I only hope that this was an attempt to twart the many individuals that were video-taping
MSG, performance on Sunday evening. As the lights lowered for several numbers it was clear that 70% of the audience had their cameras and digital video recording equipment
Rolling. Documenting the entire concert.
Beyonce be blessed and continue to W O W audiences with the talent and determination that God has blessed

i saw beyonce in sheffileld, leeds, she was wicked!!!!

your very beatiful I am from Kosova kiss for you.

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